Lung Health Immunity – An interdisciplinary discussion with Craig Williams LAc and Dr. Christie Smirl.

Today I had a great multidiscipline discussion with Craig William LAC on the topic of pulmonary health and longevity. We presented important concepts surrounding lung health from Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medical models. This presentation also tied together relationships between lung health, the immune system, food as medicine, zinc, vitamin b3, agni, digestion, rasayana and  breath practices.

You can listen via podcast HERE or watch the full YouTube discussion.

Here are a the links discussed as well.

1. Pranayama Breath Practices
** Kapalbhati breathing exercise:
** Dirgha pranayama
** Alternate nostril breathing:
** 1 hour class on breath technology:

2. Garlic poultice

How to Make (and Use) a Garlic poultice

3. Onion poultice for deep seated coughs

Onion Poultice for Deep-Seated Coughs

Dr. Christie Smirl is a Doctorate of Ayurveda (AUCM), Master of Science, Nurse Practitioner, professor and author. Contact/connect at

Craig Williams has a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine and is a  Licensed Acupuncturist, a certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Certified East/West Herbalist – member American Herbalist Guild, a Certified Health Coach, Holistic and Fitness Nutritionist Trained in Ayurveda. Contact/connect at

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