Mother Gnosis – 108 Arrived!

“This book is a profound and moving devotional song to the Mother. Truly, a gem from the heart of a true devotee. The text enchants one into a deep devotional meditation on the multiple aspects of the Mother. The paintings are superb, original and deeply evocative. With only this small book, I believe that one can profoundly enter into the mysteries of the Mother and develop an effective praxis. To be studied, not only read, a true Lectio Divina. A Tantra. “

“In “Mother Gnosis”, Kalavati Devi has combined her extensive knowledge and background in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, together with her visionary art skills and in-spired poetry all dedicated to the Divine Mother of the Universe Herself, Kali MAA. What truly adds to this work is Kalavati Devi’s own personal interaction and intimate journey with this all too often misunderstood Deity. Be ready to be awe-spired as you become absorbed in her story, words and art-filled images.”

Zazen Sounds Esoteric Publication “Tripraxis unto the Dark Mother”

issue of Zazen Sounds Esoteric Publication. This latest 60 page publication is part of an on going society of free thinkers dedicated to art, esotericism and true spirituality towards transformation, liberation and enlightenment through empiricism.


“Deep within shunya, She pulses ra- diations from the void. Emanations from The Dark Mother are raw and pure, capable of inducing radical transmutation and purification from maya.

Day of the Dead – Honoring the Spirits

Day of the Dead, also known as Fèt Gede, All Saints Day, All Souls day and Dia De Los Muertos. This two day sacred festival has been celebrated by cultures all over the world to bridge the living and dead through ritual, music, parades, dance and feasts. Altars are decorated with marigold flowers, skulls, photos, veves, foods and drinks to welcome visits from the land of the dead in celebrations. On this Day of the Dead, I am very happy to have Lesly Paul join us in a discussion about sacred art and honoring the spirits.

Tantra ~ “What it is and is not” with Baba KrishnaKali Das

Welcome back to Healthier Vibrations. Today I am delighted to have a special guest Baba KrishnaKali Das on Healthier Vibrations podcast to discuss TANTRA.

Baba has been practicing Eastern Spirituality for over 30 years, teaching internationally for 20 and years and initiating spiritual aspirants in Mantra Deeksha and Tantra Sadhana the past 10 years. Guruji is a devotee of the Divine Mother as Kali Maa. Baba initiates suitable candidates into Vaishnav Aghori, Nath Aghori, Kapalik and Kaula Tantra Lineages through direct guru parampara.

In this discussion Baba discusses how tantra has become greatly misunderstood, gives a short introduction regarding the history of tantra and speaks upon what tantra is and is not.

“Tantra is misunderstood and exploited both East and West. In the East it is at times misunderstood as black magick by the uneducated and superstitious, and in the West it is exploited due to ignorance and greed as sexual therapy and a mean to better orgasms. The aim of Tantra is none of these things.The aim of Tantra is none of these things. Tantra is derived from two Sanskrit words – Tanoti, meaning to expand, and Trayate, meaning to liberate. Tantra is the ancient art and science of expanding and liberating consciousness through soliciting Shakti, the Primal Energy of the Universe.” excerpt from Freedom is our birthright – read more from Baba at the website Empowerment Through Tantra.


Happy Navratri! During this very auspicious time of year we celebrate and honor the divine feminine. As part of that celebration, it was an honor to be a guest speaker at the LIVING SHAKTI SUMMIT with Sri Maa Prem Gyan Publications. During the interview I discussed the journey of embracing the divine light and love of Shakti as well as the important role of Agni for the manifestation of Shakti.

Mother Gnosis Limited Edition – NOW AVAILABLE

Pre-orders for Mother Gnosis are now available. The limited edition copy of Mother Gnosis is a 8.5 x 8.5 inch, hard back book with 72 premium color pages.  It will be accompanied by Come Unto Maa – Kali Tripraxis,  a trance-scribed 15 page, 4.25 x 6.875 inch, soft cover pocket book along with selected ritual prints. Both books will come hand signed and numbered.


Join Dr. Christie Smirl (Kalavati Devi, Katyani Dasi) for a very special offering during the first five nights of Navratri to  learn the mysteries of Kali and how to embody the Mother with formal etiquette and ritual and praxis. 

Mother Gnosis – Available soon!

Mother Gnosis is a graphic grimoire and compendium of over fifty red and black artworks, poems, prose and invocations that emanated through ritual praxis and devotional ishwara pranidhana to Kali Maa between late 2020 and mid 2021. Mother Gnosis unravels an array of esoteric images and intimate gnosis of the Mother, Kali Maa.

Laser Mental Focus and Meditation

er meditational skills with a laser focused mind into stillness. Meditation is critical for mental health. Here are some quick tips for success.

Jai Agni

The Rigveda is the first of the Vedas to come into existence. In its first mantra, “agni mide purohitam”, Agni has been described as the first name of God. Everything which is worth attaining in human life can be achieved through the power of Agni.

Highest Knowledge

You are here to understand true happiness and realize that the main cause of unhappiness is ignorance. How can you turn your unhappiness into happiness? The key is knowledge. The highest knowledge is knowledge of your true Self.

Physics of Mantra Divinization – The Shift Network featured article

within. Sound healing practices coupled with multi-faceted interdisciplinary sciences can reawaken this inner divinity. Mantras are capable of purifying the subtle and physical body as well as removing obstructions that blot out divine intelligence. Modern life and stress can disengage a persons’ inner Soul alignment. People are bombarded and conditioned by radio, television, politics, social and cultural groups, and insidious egregores. As people react, vibrational thought waves result in positive or negative shifts in a persons’ subtle anatomy, organ systems and overall vitality.

Open to the Power of Vibrational Medicine 2021 Sound Healing Summit

I am excited to invite you to the Shift Network 2021 Sound Healing Summit. Join me and 35 of today’s highly sought-after experts, sound-healing pioneers, and practitioners — including Eileen McKusick, Jeralyn Glass, Andi and Jonathan Goldman, Dr. John Beaulieu, Christine Stevens, Russill Paul, the Brothers Koren, Mary Youngblood, Masankho Banda and others.

A True Lectio Divina

It was an honor today to receive this feedback and review on the upcoming book Mother Gnosis. As of today, Mother Gnosis is in review and being considered by an esoteric book publisher. Very exciting!! Stay tuned. “This book is a profound and moving devotional song to the Mother. Truly, a gem from the heart…

Mother Gnosis

Mother Gnosis is a graphic grimoire and compendium of fifty red, black and white illustrations, poems, prose and invocations that emanated from dreams, wakeful visions, trance, ishwara pranidhana and surrealist automastism between late 2020 and mid 2021. Mother Gnosis offers a personal and professional dissertation about the Mother, Kali Maa, Agni, Ayurveda and gnostic divinization.

Sonic Sadhana with Sean Stoltenburg

On this episode of Healthier Vibrations, Sean Stoltenburg and I discussed Sonic Sadhana, as a form of devotional bhakti. As a spiritual practitioners, many of us are familiar with japa meditation, kirtan and mainstream bhakti, but Sean brings a deep rich vibration into “sonic ritual”.

Ayurvedic and Yogic Self Care

Daily self care rituals can make or break your health, happiness and Self evolution. We discuss Ayurvedic and yogic self care routines for optimal wellness in the 50 hour, 200 hour and 300 hour Ayurvedic Yoga Awakening programs. Here is a short classroom excerpt. To learn more and enroll today, go to

Light of Auṃ ॐ

OM will shelter you like an umbrella. If you chant the sacred syllable OM, your mind naturally returns to a peaceful state of stillness, which eventually becomes emptiness.

Dandelion Sauté – Recipe – Medical Properties and Nutritional Benefits

Dandelions, also known as simhadanti or lion’s tooth, are often viewed as weed, ripped out, thrown away or sprayed with weed killer. Before eradicating them from your yard, get to know their medicinal uses. Taraxacum officinalis, is the botanical name since one to the chief constituents of the plant is taraxacin, a bitter glycoside. In English it is also affectionately called blowball, priest’s crown, puffball, swine snout, wild endive or dandelion.

The whole plant is edible and nutritious. The leaves, flowers and shoots can be sautéed or stirfried. The leaves can be added to salads. I often place 1 cup of leaves into the blender with 1 cup water for a gentle detox juice. Or you can make a saute.

Navigating Health through Mother Nature’s Seasons

Did you know that for thousands of years, Ayurveda has illustrated the importance of living in harmony with the changing seasons. When we connect with Mother Earth through gardening and observation, we connect to Her changing seasons and witness what special nutrients are being offered during each seasonal shift. For instance, this summer, I look forward to enjoying the medicinal benefits of cilantro greens that I planted. Fresh cilantro greens help to regulate digestion, support the liver and reduce heavy metal build up in the body. Once the cilantro plant bolts, I will be able to harvest the coriander seeds which have their own unique medicinal profile.

Reversing Muscular-Skeletal Aging – Use It Or Lose It

Most of us have heard the expression “rocking chair mentality”. The reason this image conjures fear in many adults is fear of becoming stiff or crippled. The phrase “use it or lose it” is true in the muscular-skeletal world. As we stop exercising, the human body degrades, constricts and becomes immobile. The adult human body…

Ayurveda and Yoga for Healthcare Professionals – 50 hour program

Healthier Vibrations now offers a 50 hour Ayurveda Yoga program for wellness and health professionals. This fast track program is designed specifically for health care professionals who want to learn the core fundamental sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation. Whether you are a RN, EMT, NP, DO, PA, MD, RD, RT, PT, DC, ATC, LVN, DNP, LAc or therapist, this 50 hour program will give you immediate tools in the workplace for clients and patients.

Ayurvedic Oral Care

In this Healthier Vibrations education video, Christie Smirl, AyuD, NP will introduce the topic of Ayurvedic oral care. Mouth filling with proper herbs and spices along with oil pulling is excellent for preventing and treating many different conditions related to the head, neck and mouth.

Mental Mapping & Emotional Mastery

Maintaining mental stability through emotional mapping is a learned skill. In this video I discuss a technique that can be done hour by hour to overcome the emotions such as anger, jealously, guilt, anxiety and fear. Remember that YOU are in control.

Ahimsa – Yamas of Yoga

Ahimsa is a concept that has been promoted in most forms of spirituality for millennia. The word ahimsa embraces the concept of non-violence and compassion. Ahimsa was written about extensively in the yoga sūtras of Patañjali around 400 CE . Ahimsa is the first of the yamas – self restraints – in yogic philosophy. On the surface this concept of non-violence advocates refraining from physically harming another human out of malice. Ahimsa, the concept of not causing physical harm seems straight forward when we talk about murder, rape, shooting, stabbing, torture and punching. However, there are mixed beliefs about violence as it applies to appropriate self defense or even defensive war. As we know in this Kali yuga, times can get wild, unpredictable and dark. This is the time more than ever to guide our actions and thoughts towards peace.

Prosperity – Sri MahaLakṣmī – New Song, Poems and Art.

As my life changes, my vision does too. Lakshmi has risen now in plain view. I offer my poems and music to you. As you churn the ocean of life, may the embodiment of Lakshmi emerge, granting you love, beauty, health, radiance and prosperity. As the lotus rises from the cold dark mud, it reaches and opens to the glorious sun. May your soul enlighten and each petal be brightened in this journey back home.

Saccidānanda – A Study of Pure Consciousness

Through purification, the inner light Sat-Chit- Ānanda is revealed. Relinquish mental mutations, withdraw the senses from outer chaos. Abandon all fetters that imprison one’s mind to suffering and separation. Retreat silently into the Hridaya, the seat of the Soul deep in the chest. Dig down deep in ecstatic search for the ultimate love, peace, bliss and truth – Sat-Chit- Ānanda. Focus upon the Holiness within your every cell. Call out the names our Lord, worship and praise till the light of God bursts from your heart like rays of the sun. The Lord is the silent witness, best friend and beloved. Awaken this awareness and sip the nectar of the of the stainless Self.

Unlocking Higher Life Potentials – Newest Episode of Dharma Warrior TV

Purification and alignment of the chakras can be achieved once a person learns how the physical body, emotions and subtle anatomy interact. Selecting new patterns, activities, thoughts and emotions can create incredible, long term multidimensional transformation in one’s personal life, relationships, professional life, spirituality, future generations and beyond. Change starts with us. As we heal ourselves, we can help heal others and begin healing the world.