Chakra Alignment – Class 2

It was great to see so many of you for the second class of the Chakra Alignment Series as a supplement to the Chakra Alignment workbook. For anybody who was not able to attend live, here is the recorded class where we discussed the root chakra in detail, how to incorporate therapeutics into your sadhana and how to set up for ritual meditation in the upcoming classes. During the next three weeks, we will dive into ceremony and transformational practices. I look forward to seeing many of you in the next class. Details, resources and links can be found at

Chakra Alignment Class One

It was wonderful to see so many of you for the first class in the Chakra Alignment series. For those could not attend live, I have recorded the class. Feel free to join the upcoming classes . Details and recordings are posted in the Healthier Vibrations Learning Center at

During this first class we reviewed the three key building blocks for establishing a strong meditation practice. Svadhyaya, sankalpa and sadhana are key concepts to explore as we begin exploring sacred practices and using the book – Chakra Alignment – A transformational guide and journey to reclaim control over your chakras and life.


“Kali my Love,
She shimmers from far above,
She beckons me closer and ushers my hand,
I gaze at Her through calendula eyes,
Dagga and honey are Her surprise,
Revealing dimensions of magical rise.
Why must you frighten the masses in bloody macabre,
Dancing in smashans of putrid decomp?
I gazed at your horror, gnashing bizarre,
Bright eyed as child, silence by plight.
Jai Ma, sweet Kali,
Always beside, hovering and within me, you teach me abide,
High in the corner, dark star lit room,
I scamper your shelter, sharanam coup;
You seize all my senses and soften the blow,
Of mortalized wrong doings, insidious woe.
Your hair stirs like serpents and eyes gape at foe,
My terror is silenced in your abode,
Floating and senseless yoked to your void.
Late night appearing
Apparition of death violent shaking,
Severed heads quaking,
I’m frozen in bed.
Why not a lovely flowing blue dress,
With flowers and gemstones adorning your chest?
Why must you frighten and look such a mess?
My child I hear you.
You have it all wrong.
Your knowledge is firsthand to humble your heart,
My breath comes to salvage and restore your part,
In cosmic like lila, holy names do impart .
Only the fiercest of loving men,
Kneel at my altar and offer their heads,
My shakti is blinding, striking some dead,
My power is yielding to children who plead,
For mercy and shelter from demons all fled.
It was me who exacted the blows,
To forge in their vessels darshan aglow,
To transform and mold them until they’re suffice,
Enough to see beauty in my swift slice.
When you are ready you’ll see my grand plan,
Decipher the grandeur from where it began,
Men have grown wicked possessed by their fears,
Minds are all darting forth and back sneers,
Of hatred, division, stealing and killing parts of my glamour year after year.
A parent of greatness rewards and refrains,
Kind to the children who obey their fate,
Gifted by dharma, guided by faith,
Diligently focused on my radiant state.
Asuras they spray down like deafening rain,
Drowning out consciousness, rendered insane,
Contaminants my children, here I remain,
Furled and dreadful splicing remains,
Protection my loved ones, nestling them sane.
Falling like star dust heaven to reign.”
Kalavati Devi II-I

Bhakti – The Most Sacred Love

It was an honor to be featured on Dharma Warrior TV to discuss my devotional art, music and latest article “Bhakti: The Most Sacred Love”.
Bhakti is to love for love’s sake and surrender to Divinity. “Bhaj” is to adore or worship God. The beautiful indescribable path of devotion cultivates a transformative peace, stability of mind, strength and inspirational bliss. Bhakti is much more than singing or chanting the Holy names.

Chakra Alignment Classes and Publication

When we dig down deep and do inner transformational work, we have the ability and power to change ourselves on a social, professional and spiritual level. I have so much to share with you after the recent publication the Chakra Alignment book. Over the next couple months, I will be posting videos and hosting classes utilizing this transformational guide and journal to help reclaim control over your chakras, emotional regulation and spiritual empowerment. The classes will be open and free to anybody who wants to join. To follow along, get your copy of Chakra Alignment on Amazon or through

Savory Quinoa and Green Beans

Having an Instapot pressure cooker saves so much time. Today I made a meal that was savory, sour, bitter, pungent, sweet and spicy. The science of Ayurveda understands that it is important to partake in all the different flavors and this recipe knocked them all out of the ball park. This quinoa and green bean meal was filling, bursting with flavor, agni stimulating and kapha reducing.

Chakra Alignment – New book published!

The newest Healthier Vibrations book has been published! Chakra Alignment – A transformational guide and journal to reclaim control over your chakras and life is now available on Amazon. This 85 page book is designed to systematically guide individuals through their chakras, emotions and health. Learn about the dynamics between lifestyle, mind, subtle body chakras, nadis, prana, vitality and self actualization. Then embark the process of self study, journaling, intention setting, yogic techniques, subtle therapies and customized meditation rituals. Each chakra is presented according to its unique associations, physical and emotional manifestations, potential dysfunctions, symptoms of imbalance, symbology and adjunct therapies. Learn about and incorporate the following for each chakra…

Brian’s Unfortunate Brainstorm – New kid’s book!

I’m excited to announce that Brian’s Unfortunate Brainstorm has now been published! This is the second kid’s wellness book I wrote this year. Brian’s Unfortunate Brainstorm helps families and friends weather through stormy emotions. This brightly illustrated book helps children learn simple mental health techniques when caught in a different mind storms. This is a perfect addition to the first kid’s book I wrote this year titled Cringy Cat – Ayurveda for children. One book examines food and lifestyle causes of mental “cringe” and the other teaches simple fun coping skills.

Shout Out LA Interview – Featured Writer and Artist

Lastly, my Mother always told me that I could achieve anything with dedication and determination. I watched my Mother remodel our home with her bare hands, work in heavy construction as a pipe fitter / welder and then turn around and create the most delicately beautiful stain glass window and paintings. She was not afraid to jump in and try her hand at any skill. She never said “I can’t to that.”, therefore those limiting thoughts where never implanted in my psyche.

Cringy Cat – Ayurveda for Children – NOW AVAILABLE

Cringy Cat, an Ayurveda book for children that I wrote, is now published and available for international shipping just in time for Christmas. This is an easy and funny story with big print and bright illustrations to teach children basic Ayurveda and helps children problem solve the nutrition and lifestyle sources of 3 types of “cringy.”

Krsna Kali – Kali Samadhi MMXX

I am humbled and honored that the hand bound, limited edition Kali Samadhi MMXX books sold out in one day. The paperback version is NOW available on Amazon. Follow THIS LINK to order your copy of Kali Samadhi MMXX. During the process of writing and publishing this devotional art book, I also recorded a full length album also entitled Kali Samadhi MMXX. The song, Krsna Kali, contains 108 repetitions of the Maha Mantra with ektar and flute to facilitate deep ritual meditation. Hare Krsna!

New Year Event & Sound Bath – SAVE THE DATE!

Let’s bring in 2021 with clarity and purpose. Join me for this important New Year transition on January 3rd from 12 – 3pm. During this 3 hour event, I will guide you through a deep chakra meditation, sound bath, seated gently movement, breath work and a 2021 candle ceremony.

Kali Samadhi MMXX – Book and Ritual Album

I am very excited to announce the completion of the book and ritual album titled Kali Samadhi MMXX. Both are now available!

“The Goddess leaps forth from these black and red inked pages of Kali Samadhi MMXX.  Kalavati Devi has opened gateways and channeled powerful images and transmissions from deep meditational trance states. Each enigmatic illustration, poem and prose emerged from an altered state of consciousness in the cave of the Mother. The trance messages are encoded, revealing, fierce, provoking, and erotic. Many of the sacred mantras used to manifest this divine grimoire have been included. Each serve as a vibrational tool to connect with disincarnate intelligences which unlock alchemical evolution. “

Cringy Cat – Ayuveda for Children AVAILABLE SOON!

I am very excited to announce to publishing of my new book CRINGY CAT – Ayurveda for children.

Cringy Cat is a children’s book that helps families understand the basic principles of Ayurveda. This silly and fun story illustrates three types of “cringy” and how they feel physically and mentally. Meema helps the child figure out why she feels the way she does. Together they discover what nutrition and lifestyle imbalances caused the “cringe”.

Pumpkin Spice Okra Stew

This year I grew pumpkins in my back yard planter. Not really sure what kind, but they looked like a tasty pumpkin spice okra meal.

Love Without Discrimination

” Forgive everyone who has caused you pain. Forget everything. Love everybody in the same way; whether a person is big, small or no longer there. Give the same love to everyone. Do not discriminate with your love. The moment you do that, it creates hurdles you must cross and broken bridges that are difficult…

To Love the One

Your first step towards spirituality is seeing One inside yourself, and that One inside you, is the One inside everyone else. Take care of your own self, and take care of everything around you and everything connected to you. When you love yourself in a way that you love the One, you love the One that is inside everyone.

Ceasefire into Ananda

In the day and age of modernity, peace is a priceless commodity.  Peace can not be bought, sold or traded. It is a state of being, a presence that can only be established inside oneself, then radiated outward. When searching for the elixir of peace there are several synonyms such as calm, restful, silent, bliss,…

Free The Mind From Slavery

“…the emptying of all thought out of the mind so as to leave it a sort of pure vigilant blank on which the divine knowledge may come and imprint itself, undisturbed by inferior thoughts of the ordinary human mind and with the clearness of a writing in white chalk on a blackboard. You will find that the Gita speaks of this rejection of all mental thought as one of the methods of yoga… This may be called the dhyāna of liberation, as it frees the mind from slavery to the mechanical process of thinking and allows it to think or not to think, as it pleases and when it pleases, or to choose its own thoughts or else to go beyond thought to the pure perception of Truth called in our philosophy Vijnāna.” Sri Aurobindo 

Fragrance of Gratitude

The expression of gratitude offers us the opportunity to realign with our heart center. In Ayurvedic medicine, the heart is said to be the seat of the soul. Gratitude is the act of focusing on what we are grateful for and what we appreciate. In the attitude of gratitude, we shift our perceptions intentionally to the vibration of being thankful.

Yoking with Divinity

“Anyone calling out for God, from any land, in any language, and in any age, remember, their cries reach this heart like the waves of the ocean crashing onto the shore.” ~Sri Anandamayi Ma 

Shiny Objects – Tejobindu Upanishad

“The world is full of shiny objects that beckon our sense organs deep into the veils and waves of chatter and sway, farther we stray from the Soul’s light rays.” Kalavati Devi

Indriyas Burning Clear – Meditation & Satsang

Indra’s vajra strikes the seat of Soul, Stilling vrittis that clutter Self control, Igniting all the indriyas, satloka atmosphere, Agni rises in the East casting Soul to steer, Darkness falls from windows sills Fueling Love’s bright flame, Five for wisdom, five for deed One in central plane, Breathe the nectar, ojas sweet Smell, taste, hear,…

Transcendence – Atma Upanishad

“Soul releases prakruti
Prana dances back to smriti
When’s our time, we never know
Till light it shines a brilliant show
Transcending flight into beauty
Creating space for new found duty
Fix the mind on God, each day, each breath
Find the space of God, each step, each death
See the face of God, each smile, each frown
Be the light of God, each life, each crown.”

Faith in Upheaval – Call for Change

On the battlefield there are thousands of roles, seen and unseen,  sung and unsung that create a united force. Act upon the changes you are capable of making towards a world you want to see.