“The five internal disciplines are bodily purification, contentment, intense discipline, self-study, and dedication to the ideal of yoga. 2.32. With body purification, one’s body ceases to be compelling, likewise contact with others. Purification also brings about clarity, happiness, concentration, mastery of the senses, and capacity for self-awareness. Contentment brings unsurpassed joy. As intense disciple burns up impurities, the body and its senses become supremely refined.” 2.40 – 2.43

~ Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali

Welcome back. My name is Dr. Christie Smirl. I am a Doctorate of Ayurveda, AyuD, Nurse Practitioner and Master of Science with 30 years of hospital experience. As an advance yoga/meditation teacher trainer, I wanted to share a series of videos on yoga. This third video in the series is about the NIYAMAS: LIMB 2 OF ASHTANGA YOGA.

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