As the full blood moon rises and becomes eclipsed, The Kali Dub Project honors the Divine Dark Mother. This total lunar eclipse in the nakshatra of Bharani brings forth energies that represent the yoni, life, death, rebirth and intense creative potentials. During this potent auspicious window of time, we invoke Her Grace.

“Mother Aghori, Mother of Grace,
Guide us to greatness,
Guide us and pace our progress, perceptions, our growth we embrace.
We call from our altars external ~ within for
Shelter and blessings and power akin.
Mother of Darkness cleave and eclipse what no longer serves us or fails to equip.
Mother of Glory guide us and goad towards greatness, perfection and honor to hold. May every action, every gain, grant us more traction and steady our aim to Manifest the Holy
Holy the names!”

The Kali Dub Project

The Kali Dub Project invites you to gather your offerings and light the flames. Turn up the volume and listen to this crushing ritual ambient musick and dubbed out devotion dedicated to the Dark Mother on this total blood moon eclipse.




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