Wednesday 12:21:22 1AM
“The air was piercing, so cold that steam rose from their flesh. Two currents merged into one, as the names of Ganapati surged and spiraled throughout the ashram in an old school dubstep beat with heavy 808 drops. Aum Gam Ganapataye Namaha! Plumes of nagchampa carried the mantras higher and higher. Glints of copper whorled out of the flaming kund opening Agni’s portal.”

'We humbly bow in respect and pray for Ganesha to remove the internal and external obstacles that limit us from fulfilling our greatest callings, here and now. With the approaching full moon in the nakshatra of Purnarvasu, please illuminate us to Aditi's boundless potentials. We request safe passage and empowerment as the light returns, renews and expands with infinite creative possibilities.' 

The Kali Dub Project invites you listen to their newest track GANAPATI : ONE A.M.

VOX: Kalavati Devi


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