This Sunday, satsang and meditation was on the sacred seed mantra AUM. AUM is the universal sound of creation, the imperishable sound, the seed of all that exists, the past, the present and the future. Everything unfolds from AUM. Whatever transcends the three realms, indeed is the flowering of AUM. In this video I discuss AUM, the sacred syllable, to beeja mantra that is omnipresent through all of creation. Join me for a simple yet powerful and effective meditation upon AUM.

The Satsang and meditation video is below. Click, watch, like, share, subscribe for more.

“OM will shield you like an Umbrella. If you can chant the sacred syllable OM, your mind naturally returns to a peaceful state of stillness, which eventually becomes emptiness. The light of the soul shines within everyone, and the Divine Light pulls that light to Itself. If you can discover that pure illumination and power within yourself; or if you have the good fortune to meet a Saint in whom it is fully manifest; the purpose of your life has been fulfilled.”

Shri Shri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Adishakti Satigiri Ji Maharaj

Join me for Community Meditation & Satsang each Sunday.

Selected passages will be read from sacred texts followed by breathwork and meditative processes to reduce the effects of stress, clarify emotions, balance the subtle body, improve mental processes and increase the frequency of pure Soul radiations. 

When: Sundays 8am – 9am Pacific Time  (5am Hawaii Time, 7am Alaska Time, 9 am Mountain Time, 10am Central Time, 11am Eastern Time)

Cost: Free

All are welcome. No experience or lineage necessary. 
Where: Zoom.

Go to for updates, link and more information.


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