“As she gazed at the black wooden floor, sweat beaded across her face and dripped down her spine. The sound of his electric guitar lulled her mind with hypnotic dissonant chords that seemed to breath in and out of the ritual space. The surging hiss of cicadas filled the room as she systematically intoned the Sanskrit alphabet upon her flesh. Her mind mused, “What if I intone it backwards from toe to top?”. That is when the making of UCHCHISTA UNDERCURRENT 528 began.

TKDP wanted to try an experiment, a sonic invokation to Lord Uchchista, the vamachara Ganapati, coupled with Kali Maa’s varnamala, but backwards, with a 528hz frequency. Here are a few thoughts.

"Uchchista Ganapati, please remove the obstacles, the inertia from my vessel and my path as I travel through the shadow realms. Shine light, consciousness, AGNI upon my shadow-self so I may re-MEMBER my SOUL mission. Help digest what is blocking my WILL. Lord Uchchista, empower the removal of SELF-limiting emotions in order to awaken my-SELF from within the flesh, so I may fully incarnate here and now."

A healthy human body typically radiates an overall frequency ranging from 62 – 78 Hz. Disease begins at 58 Hz. Exposure to sound frequencies at 528 Hz stimulates the autonomic nervous system which controls vital body functions such as digestion and blood flow. Exposure to this specific sound frequency stimulates cellular pathways to repair broken DNA. It is also interesting that chlorophyll, which is essential for photosynthesis, the conversion of light energy into chemical energy, vibrates at 528 Hz.

"E = m c2"  Einstein

E = Energy. M = Mass. C 2 = speed of light multiplied by it-SELF. A body is mass and light energy. Not only cellular light energy in the form of biophotons and quarks, but also thought light emissions. Physicists understand that there is no fundamental difference between mass and energy since mass is congealed energy. Mass can be altered through frequencies. Frequencies are the rate of energy between two points. Thoughts and emotions are frequencies. What two points are they being radiated between?

"Uchchista Ganapati! Hear my prayers. 
Unlock the gateways. Lessen the plight. 
Grant me safe passage, through darkness and light.
Remove imperfections, 50 the skulls, 
Shelter my travels, bow, stern and hull. 
The alphabet, a passport, forwards and back.
Ascension. Descension. All demons back track.
50 the weapons. A fight to the death.
50 the bullets at Babylon’s breath.
Grant me great OJAS and SHAKTI to steer.
 AGNI and brilliance, prachand right here."  

I invite you to sit down, light a candle, burn some incense and just observe your breathing as you listen to UCHCHISTA UNDERCURRENT 528 carefully.

UCHCHISTA UNDERCURRENT 528 was produced and composed by THE KALI DUB PROJECT

Mantras and physics by KALAVATI DEVI

Guitar, mixing and mastering by TONY108

Email TheKaliDubProject@gmail.com to get first announcements on sacred offerings, zines, downloads and events.


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