Meditation for Compassion Cultivation Dr. Christie Smirl

Compassion is the ability to feel sympathy, empathy, love and humanity for others who are suffering. Compassion can be extended to those in physical pain, mental pain, social conflict, financial hardships and many other situations. How about holding compassion for somebody who is lashing out in anger or fear? In current society there are so … Continue reading Meditation for Compassion Cultivation Dr. Christie Smirl


Upcoming Events with Dr. Christie 

UPCOMING EVENTS WITH DR. CHRISTIE COMMUNITY KIRTAN - FIRST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH Join us for this freeing meditative chanting and music that opens the heart, breaks negative mental patterning and connects you deeper with the divine. Community kirtan is always the first friday of the month, 730pm-8:45pm at FUN Yoga Studio, 773 Blaine St, … Continue reading Upcoming Events with Dr. Christie┬á

Mantras in Medicine by Dr. Christie 

Mantras in Medicine  by Dr. Chrisite                                                January, 2017 Author: Dr. Christie Smirl, Doctorate of Ayurvedic Medicine, Nurse Practitioner, Master of Science, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Sacred Healing Mantrologist, Founder of Healthier Vibrations. … Continue reading Mantras in Medicine by Dr. Christie┬á