May the powers of MAA manifest with grace from within! TKDP invites you to stoke the fires and bring 108 offerings to the flames while listening to DAKSHINA KALI .

DAKSHINA KALI contains 108 repetitions of the sacred mantra to the gentle and sublime form of KALI MAA. This track is one of the newest songs released as part of a ritual album titled KALI SAMADHI MMXXII presented by THE KALI DUB PROJECT.

This track is currently streaming on SPOTIFY. In October, physical media sets will be available that include the 63 minute CD, the zine that includes mantras with coded messages, a mala of 108 rudraksha beads for japa mantra sadhana and sacred ash. STAY TUNED.



Mantra and music composition: KALAVATI DEVI

Original soundscapes by Rhäzüns, recomposed as a ritual project for THE KALI DUB PROJECT.

“Our physical emanations are individual strands of Her collective omnipotence and omnipresence. The Mother shifts like sand beneath one’s feet and morphs like clouds in the sky. She is mysterious, gracious, brutal and outside of all social moral confines. She is the Mother, Shakti, the infinite energy that pervades all. Her magnificent power and light radiates through everything and everyone. She is the light of Agni, the power of the transmuting flame. ” ~ Excerpt from Mother Gnosis by Kalavati Devi


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