The Dashamahavidya Gita – Limited Edition Book Release

Today I am very honored to announce the release of my newest book THE DASHAMAHAVIDYA GITA – SONGS TO THE TANTRICK MOTHER, presented by Zazen Sounds Publishings. This collector’s limited edition is a paperback soft glossy cover with color paintings.

Orders only through Zazen: (ZZS 091) 

The Dashamahavidya Gita – Songs to the Tantrick Mother is an exposition dedicated to Kali Maa, The Great Black Mother. This tome contains sacred prose in the form of gitas (songs), art, praxis and ritual dedicated to the Dashamahavidyas, the ten tantrick Wisdom Goddesses of Kali Maa.
Readers are invited to practice lectio devina by reading each gita and invokation slowly then out loud to manifest Kali Maa through spoken word.

The Mahavidyas of Kali Maa unleash latent accumulated power bound to the shadow self so that it can be converted and directed towards achieving inner peace and one’s true Will. This process requires sacrifice; sacrifice of the limiting aspect of the ego; sacrifice of inner demons as well as sacrifice of one’s gifts, talents, bhakti, time and energy back to the great Mother.

PREFACE by Guru Baba Krishnakali Das Aghori

“Kalavati Devi is not only a gifted artist and poet but also a dedicated practitioner of Tantra and an assiduous devotee of the Divine Mother as Kali Maa. The present work that you are reading and enjoying is the result of twelve months of intense Sadhana focused on the Dasha Mahavidyas or the Ten Wisdom Goddesses, emanations and manifestations of the Maha Adi Para Shakti
known as Kali Maa. Kalavati Devi is a true Yogini gifting us with visionary art, poetry and mystical insights together with deep injections of knowledge that is the The Dashamahavidya Gita – Songs to the Tantrick Mother. Contemplate the art. Contemplate the words. Reflect, meditate and integrate for Maa ultimately lives within us as us with every heartbeat.”


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