Muladhara Chakra Therapy by Dr. Christie

The first of the primary 7 chakras is the Muladhara chakra. In English it is referred to as the root chakra. In Sanskrit, Muladhara is divided into two terms: mula meaning root and adhara meaning the basis or foundation. This chakra is symbolized by four red petals representing the four compass directions of north, south, … Continue reading Muladhara Chakra Therapy by Dr. Christie

CHAKRAS – Your Subtle Body by Dr. Christie Smirl

Higher levels of health and wellness can be obtained when we realize that we are so much more than just a brain and physical biochemical body. For thousands of years, Ancient scholars and physicians from civilizations across the globe knew about the subtle energy systems and that are integral to our existence and health.

Upcoming Events with Dr. Christie Smirl

Upcoming Events with Dr. Christie Smirl AKASHVANI KIRTAN JANUARY 28th 7:30pm FUN YOGA STUDIO Akashvani is very excited to be offering a kirtan at FUN Yoga Studio January 28th. We have been working for many months now recording our new album and have really taken pride in setting these classical Sanskrit meditative mantras to beautiful … Continue reading Upcoming Events with Dr. Christie Smirl