Tantra ~ “What it is and is not” with Baba KrishnaKali Das

Welcome back to Healthier Vibrations. Today I am delighted to have a special guest Baba KrishnaKali Das on Healthier Vibrations podcast to discuss TANTRA.

Baba has been practicing Eastern Spirituality for over 30 years, teaching internationally for 20 and years and initiating spiritual aspirants in Mantra Deeksha and Tantra Sadhana the past 10 years. Guruji is a devotee of the Divine Mother as Kali Maa. Baba initiates suitable candidates into Vaishnav Aghori, Nath Aghori, Kapalik and Kaula Tantra Lineages through direct guru parampara.

In this discussion Baba discusses how tantra has become greatly misunderstood, gives a short introduction regarding the history of tantra and speaks upon what tantra is and is not.

“Tantra is misunderstood and exploited both East and West. In the East it is at times misunderstood as black magick by the uneducated and superstitious, and in the West it is exploited due to ignorance and greed as sexual therapy and a mean to better orgasms. The aim of Tantra is none of these things.The aim of Tantra is none of these things. Tantra is derived from two Sanskrit words – Tanoti, meaning to expand, and Trayate, meaning to liberate. Tantra is the ancient art and science of expanding and liberating consciousness through soliciting Shakti, the Primal Energy of the Universe.” excerpt from Freedom is our birthright – read more from Baba at the website Empowerment Through Tantra.


Mr. Mark Stavish – Egregores

It was a great honor and pleasure to have Mr. Mark Stavish talk on Healthier Vibrations about Egregores, Purification and Self Realization. In this discussion, Mr. Mark Stavish offers a practical introduction to recognizing and managing egregores. He discusses what is an egregore and why is it so important to recognize these powerful entities that shape our lives. Mr. Stavish also introduces listeners to concepts related to ritual purification, how to overcome ones shortcomings to reach and awaken into one’s fullest potential and powers.

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