Upcoming Events with Dr. Christie Smirl

Wishing all of you happiness and peace. There are lots of exciting new classes coming up - Ayurveda, Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation Teacher Training, Reiki Certifications, Meditations, Festivals, Retreats and more. Please contact Dr. Christie Smirl at HealthierVibrations.com if you would like more information , register and reserve your space.


Muladhara Chakra Therapy by Dr. Christie

The first of the primary 7 chakras is the Muladhara chakra. In English it is referred to as the root chakra. In Sanskrit, Muladhara is divided into two terms: mula meaning root and adhara meaning the basis or foundation. This chakra is symbolized by four red petals representing the four compass directions of north, south, …

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Meditation for Compassion Cultivation Dr. Christie Smirl

Compassion is the ability to feel sympathy, empathy, love and humanity for others who are suffering. Compassion can be extended to those in physical pain, mental pain, social conflict, financial hardships and many other situations. How about holding compassion for somebody who is lashing out in anger or fear? In current society there are so …

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CHAKRAS – Your Subtle Body by Dr. Christie Smirl

Higher levels of health and wellness can be obtained when we realize that we are so much more than just a brain and physical biochemical body. For thousands of years, Ancient scholars and physicians from civilizations across the globe knew about the subtle energy systems and that are integral to our existence and health.

Mantras in Medicine by Dr. Christie Smirl

Mantras have become a key therapeutic in my Integrative Medical practice. Most of my clients experience some degree of mental discomfort in the form of anxiety, fear, worry, chronic physical pain, depression, grief or anger. In an attempt to reduce the number of prescriptions for pain and psychiatric medications, I started giving my patients prescriptions for mantra.

Meditation – Healthier Vibrations by Christie Smirl

MEDITATION - A PATH TO HEALTHIER VIBRATIONS By Dr. Christie Smirl, Ayurveda Doctorate, Nurse Practitioner, Yoga Teacher RTY500, YACEP Meditation can be used for profound healing and transformation. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years by priests, monks, rishis, sages, seers, seekers, bodhisattvas and householders. Science has already proven that meditation is beneficial to …

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