Sonic Sadhana with Sean Stoltenburg

On this episode of Healthier Vibrations, Sean Stoltenburg and I discussed Sonic Sadhana, as a form of devotional bhakti. As a spiritual practitioners, many of us are familiar with japa meditation, kirtan and mainstream bhakti, but Sean brings a deep rich vibration into “sonic ritual”.

Prosperity – Sri MahaLakṣmī – New Song, Poems and Art.

As my life changes, my vision does too. Lakshmi has risen now in plain view. I offer my poems and music to you. As you churn the ocean of life, may the embodiment of Lakshmi emerge, granting you love, beauty, health, radiance and prosperity. As the lotus rises from the cold dark mud, it reaches and opens to the glorious sun. May your soul enlighten and each petal be brightened in this journey back home.

Saccidānanda – A Study of Pure Consciousness

Through purification, the inner light Sat-Chit- Ānanda is revealed. Relinquish mental mutations, withdraw the senses from outer chaos. Abandon all fetters that imprison one’s mind to suffering and separation. Retreat silently into the Hridaya, the seat of the Soul deep in the chest. Dig down deep in ecstatic search for the ultimate love, peace, bliss and truth – Sat-Chit- Ānanda. Focus upon the Holiness within your every cell. Call out the names our Lord, worship and praise till the light of God bursts from your heart like rays of the sun. The Lord is the silent witness, best friend and beloved. Awaken this awareness and sip the nectar of the of the stainless Self.


“Kali my Love,
She shimmers from far above,
She beckons me closer and ushers my hand,
I gaze at Her through calendula eyes,
Dagga and honey are Her surprise,
Revealing dimensions of magical rise.
Why must you frighten the masses in bloody macabre,
Dancing in smashans of putrid decomp?
I gazed at your horror, gnashing bizarre,
Bright eyed as child, silence by plight.
Jai Ma, sweet Kali,
Always beside, hovering and within me, you teach me abide,
High in the corner, dark star lit room,
I scamper your shelter, sharanam coup;
You seize all my senses and soften the blow,
Of mortalized wrong doings, insidious woe.
Your hair stirs like serpents and eyes gape at foe,
My terror is silenced in your abode,
Floating and senseless yoked to your void.
Late night appearing
Apparition of death violent shaking,
Severed heads quaking,
I’m frozen in bed.
Why not a lovely flowing blue dress,
With flowers and gemstones adorning your chest?
Why must you frighten and look such a mess?
My child I hear you.
You have it all wrong.
Your knowledge is firsthand to humble your heart,
My breath comes to salvage and restore your part,
In cosmic like lila, holy names do impart .
Only the fiercest of loving men,
Kneel at my altar and offer their heads,
My shakti is blinding, striking some dead,
My power is yielding to children who plead,
For mercy and shelter from demons all fled.
It was me who exacted the blows,
To forge in their vessels darshan aglow,
To transform and mold them until they’re suffice,
Enough to see beauty in my swift slice.
When you are ready you’ll see my grand plan,
Decipher the grandeur from where it began,
Men have grown wicked possessed by their fears,
Minds are all darting forth and back sneers,
Of hatred, division, stealing and killing parts of my glamour year after year.
A parent of greatness rewards and refrains,
Kind to the children who obey their fate,
Gifted by dharma, guided by faith,
Diligently focused on my radiant state.
Asuras they spray down like deafening rain,
Drowning out consciousness, rendered insane,
Contaminants my children, here I remain,
Furled and dreadful splicing remains,
Protection my loved ones, nestling them sane.
Falling like star dust heaven to reign.”
Kalavati Devi II-I