Mother Gnosis Limited Edition – NOW AVAILABLE

Pre-orders for Mother Gnosis are now available. The limited edition copy of Mother Gnosis is a 8.5 x 8.5 inch, hard back book with 72 premium color pages.  It will be accompanied by Come Unto Maa – Kali Tripraxis,  a trance-scribed 15 page, 4.25 x 6.875 inch, soft cover pocket book along with selected ritual prints. Both books will come hand signed and numbered.

Mother Gnosis – Available soon!

Mother Gnosis is a graphic grimoire and compendium of over fifty red and black artworks, poems, prose and invocations that emanated through ritual praxis and devotional ishwara pranidhana to Kali Maa between late 2020 and mid 2021. Mother Gnosis unravels an array of esoteric images and intimate gnosis of the Mother, Kali Maa.

A True Lectio Divina

It was an honor today to receive this feedback and review on the upcoming book Mother Gnosis. As of today, Mother Gnosis is in review and being considered by an esoteric book publisher. Very exciting!! Stay tuned. “This book is a profound and moving devotional song to the Mother. Truly, a gem from the heart…

Chakra Alignment Classes and Publication

When we dig down deep and do inner transformational work, we have the ability and power to change ourselves on a social, professional and spiritual level. I have so much to share with you after the recent publication the Chakra Alignment book. Over the next couple months, I will be posting videos and hosting classes utilizing this transformational guide and journal to help reclaim control over your chakras, emotional regulation and spiritual empowerment. The classes will be open and free to anybody who wants to join. To follow along, get your copy of Chakra Alignment on Amazon or through

Chakra Alignment – New book published!

The newest Healthier Vibrations book has been published! Chakra Alignment – A transformational guide and journal to reclaim control over your chakras and life is now available on Amazon. This 85 page book is designed to systematically guide individuals through their chakras, emotions and health. Learn about the dynamics between lifestyle, mind, subtle body chakras, nadis, prana, vitality and self actualization. Then embark the process of self study, journaling, intention setting, yogic techniques, subtle therapies and customized meditation rituals. Each chakra is presented according to its unique associations, physical and emotional manifestations, potential dysfunctions, symptoms of imbalance, symbology and adjunct therapies. Learn about and incorporate the following for each chakra…