On the first day of Sharada Navratri 2022, many people honor nine nights of the Divine Mother. There are many ways to celebrate depending on your heritage and lineage. As my tribute to Kali Maa and her manifestations, I share with you this 42 minute spoken word track excerpts from THE DASHAMAHAVIDYA GITA – SONGS TO THE TANTRICK MOTHER book that I wrote this year. I invite you to sit back, light a candle and incense, and listen to the prayers and prose written to the Divine Mother and her emanations.

The limited edition book THE DASHAMAHAVIDYA GITA – SONGS TO THE TANTRICK MOTHER released by Zazen SOLD OUT in 72 hours. I have 9 author copies that are available for sale, hand signed, personalized with an altar print of the 10 images of the Dashamahavydias that I drew in 2022. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please contact me via email at CSMIRL1@GMAIL.COM

by Guru Baba Krishnakali Das Aghori

“Kalavati Devi is not only a gifted artist and poet but also a dedicated practitioner of Tantra and an assiduous devotee of the Divine Mother as Kali Maa. The present work that you are reading (listening to) and enjoying is the result of twelve months of intense Sadhana focused on the Dasha Mahavidyas or the Ten Wisdom Goddesses, emanations and manifestations of the Maha Adi Para Shakti known as Kali Maa. Kalavati Devi is a true Yogini gifting us with visionary art, poetry and mystical insights together with deep injections of knowledge that is the The Dashamahavidya Gita – Songs to the Tantrick Mother Contemplate the art. Contemplate the words. Reflect, meditate and integrate for Maa ultimately lives within us as us with every heartbeat.”


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