Victory Through Devotion

Īśvarapraṇidhāna  is one of the ultimate concepts found in the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. The compound term stems from two separate words īśvara and praṇidhāna. Īśvara has several layers of meaning referring to God, the Ruler, the Soul, the Self or the Atman. Praṇidhāna in this context can be interpreted as fixing all attention, sacrifice, seva and prayers upon Divinity. Many say that Īśvarapraṇidhāna is a total surrender to God; I prefer to say it is a full submersion into devotion, bhakti, Self-re-membering. Instead of surrender, it is to place intense focus and energy towards achieving one’s Will, dharma and Divine victory.

Through devotion, one can overcome mental inertia.

Through devotion, one can move beyond the limiting fluctuations of the mind and uncured ego.

Through devotion, one can aim their conscious forces through the lenses of the Soul  to manifest ones’ highest calling, here and now.

Through devotion, one obtains peace and Holy refuge, the ultimate victory or ‘jaya’ in the battlefields of the Kali yuga.  

May this new track “Jaya” from The Kali Dub Project inspire you to strive for victory.

“You give up that lust for your own egoic desires and you allow Divinity to fully steer the boat, which can be a little alarming for some people.”

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‘It is I who am the Vedic ritual, I am the sacrifice, and I am the oblation offered to the ancestors. I am the medicinal herb, and I am the Vedic mantra. I am the clarified butter, I am the fire and the act of offering. Of this universe, I am the Father; I am also the Mother, the Sustainer, and the Grandsire. I am the purifier, the goal of knowledge, the sacred syllable Om. I am the Ṛig Veda, Sāma Veda, and the Yajur Veda.’ BGx9x16

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