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The Devi said: “O Giriraja! This whole universe, moving and unmoving, is created by My Maya Shakti. This Maya is conceived in Me. It is not, in reality, different or separate from Me. So I am the only Intelligence. There is no other intelligence than Me. Viewed practically, it is known variously as Maya, Vidyâ; but viewed really from the point of Brahman, there is no such thing as Maya; only one Brahman exists, I am that Brahma, of the nature of Intelligence. ”

Devi Gita 1-19

Vyasa said: “O King! The World Mother, the Ocean of mercy, seeing the Devas terrified, withheld Her Fearful Cosmic Form and showed Her very beautiful appearance, pleasing to the whole world. Her body became soft and gentle. In one hand She held the noose, and in another She held the goad. The two other hands made signs to dispel all their fears and ready to grant the boons. Her eyes emitted rays of kindness; Her face was adorned with beautiful smiles. The Devas became glad at this and bowed down to Her in a peaceful mind and then spoke with great joy.”

Devi Gita 54-56


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