Open to the Power of Vibrational Medicine 2021 Sound Healing Summit

I am excited to invite you to the Shift Network 2021 Sound Healing Summit. Join me and 35 of today’s highly sought-after experts, sound-healing pioneers, and practitioners — including Eileen McKusick, Jeralyn Glass, Andi and Jonathan Goldman, Dr. John Beaulieu, Christine Stevens, Russill Paul, the Brothers Koren, Mary Youngblood, Masankho Banda and others.

Free Online Event
Sound Healing Summit
August 9-13, 2021

Here’s the latest announcement!

“Whether you’re ready to discover the ideal daily sound-healing practice for you, tap into the acoustical energies of the biofield, or learn how the alchemy of crystal singing bowls can shift your consciousness… you’ll deepen your knowledge of healing practices that address your wellbeing in a truly holistic way, impacting each part of your life.

Join me and the amazing panel of other presenters to equip yourself with the right approaches and techniques in vibrational medicine for YOU — and increase your vibrancy, balance, and restoration in the process.

RSVP here for the Sound Healing Summit — at no charge: RSVP HERE TODAY 

During this dynamic and transformative summit, you’ll: 

  • Learnto attune yourself to xenolinguistics or “light language” for optimal healing
  • Take part in a “gong bath” to entice the brain into alpha, theta, and delta wave-scapes
  • Discover how humming can reduce stress, improve immune response, and enhance relaxation
  • Explore the use of biosonic tuning forks as a research-based, daily preventive medicine practice
  • Learn to shift from fight-or-flight to calm tranquility in just minutes
  • Gain a new understanding of scientific advancements that can monitor brain and nervous system function to show how sound frequencies from crystal singing bowls, gongs, and voice can change brainwave states of consciousness for healing
  • Recognize the effects of intention on heart-brain coherence
  • Understand how ancient music practices can be applied to enhance modern life
  • Learn how music activates nitrous oxide production — and the health benefits it brings
  • Incorporate the art of “trance drumming” as a tool in trauma resolution
  • Experience a neuro-balancing music meditation for feminine healing

In this interactive gathering, which pairs contemporary science with ancient healing modalities, you’ll discover how to raise your frequency and open to the next step in your awakening… and find yourself again. You can begin to heal yourself, realign your energies, and re-emerge into a life full of new possibilities.

Come join our loving panel of presenters to experience sonic alchemy through these soothing, balancing, and energizing healing modalities. They will show you how you can elevate your journey to the next level where true wholeness, alignment, and self-empowerment begin.

RSVP here for the Sound Healing Summit — at no charge: HERE

I hope you can join us. 

P.S. Here’s how some of our brilliant speakers will illuminate the many dimensions of sound healing: 

  • Learn to positively shift the electromagnetic template of your physical body with Eileen McKusick.
  • Discover how to shift your internal dialogue and self-criticism through sounding with the Brothers Koren.
  • Professor Jeralyn Glass shares how the potent vibrations of pure quartz alchemy infused singing bowls bring stability, centering, expansiveness, and mental clarity.
  • Discover how to use conscious humming to reduce stress and enhance the release of melatonin, nitric oxide, and other healing hormones with Andi and Jonathan Goldman.
  • Understand the meditative healing powers of the Native American flute to release stress and build confidence with Mary Youngblood.
  • Kelvin Young illuminates the benefits of using sound healing in addiction recovery — and how it helps promote health and resilience in everyday life.
  • David Gibson shares important research being developed by the Medical Sound Association to create a new medical system dedicated to healing various physical and emotional issues with sound.
  • Learn how sound healing can evolve into a trauma-informed methodology based upon sacred Bhakti, Vedic, and Tantric rituals with Russill Paul.
  • Dr. John Beaulieu will show you how to incorporate biosonic tuning forks into your daily preventive medicine practice.
  • Discover the power of sound-healing therapy to navigate complex emotions with Danielle Hall.
  • And many more!

Sign up HERE for this the FREE Sound Healing Summit.

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