A True Lectio Divina

It was an honor today to receive this feedback and review on the upcoming book Mother Gnosis. As of today, Mother Gnosis is in review and being considered by an esoteric book publisher.

Very exciting!!

Stay tuned.

“This book is a profound and moving devotional song to the Mother. Truly, a gem from the heart of a true devote. The introduction gives clear information, a small bio of the author. The main text enchants one into a deep devotional meditation on the multiple aspects of the Mother. The paintings are superb, original and deeply evocative. 

With only this small book, I believe that one can profoundly enter into the mysteries of the Mother and develop an effective praxis. To be studied, not only read, a true Lectio Divina. A Tantra. “ 

~ Michel Dutrisac

“Kali Maa grants gnosis to those prepared, willing and brave. Comprehension and experience of Kali Maa can not be achieved solely through intellectual study. Her essences are granted through gnosis. Gnosis comes in pulsing waves to awaken one from inertia and reinstate awareness of Self. Unfortunately, humans have de-evolved, grown apathetic, blind, deaf and numb to Her radiance.”

Expert from Mother Gnosis

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