Mother Gnosis

My 6th book titled Mother Gnosis is done! Now I am in the process of looking for an esoteric book publisher. I’m deeply honored to receive this first review.

“In “Mother Gnosis”, Kalavati Devi has combined her extensive knowledge and background in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, together with her visionary art skills and in-spired poetry all dedicated to the Divine Mother of the Universe Herself, Kali MAA. What truly added to this work is Kalavati Devi’s own personal interaction and intimate journey with this all too often misunderstood Deity. Be ready to be awe-spired as you become absorbed in her story, words and art-filled images.”

~ Baba Krishnakali Das Aghori, Kaula Tantra and Nath, Aghori Diksha and Siksha Guru, Sri Aghor Vaishnav Sampradaya Acharya

Mother Gnosis is a graphic grimoire and compendium of fifty red, black and white illustrations, poems, prose and invocations that emanated from dreams, wakeful visions, trance, ishwara pranidhana and surrealist automastism between late 2020 and mid 2021. Mother Gnosis offers a personal and professional dissertation about the Mother, Kali Maa, Agni, Ayurveda and gnostic divinization. My vision is to have these images and writings in a beautiful hard bound red, black and silver book with intricate end pages and professional layout. I have hand made limited edition copies of smaller books in the past, but this collection is almost 100 pages in length.

Stay tuned!

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