Prosperity – Sri MahaLakṣmī – New Song, Poems and Art.

As my life changes, my vision does too. Lakshmi has risen now in plain view. I offer my poems and music to you. As you churn the ocean of life, may the embodiment of Lakshmi emerge, granting you love, beauty, health, radiance and prosperity. As the lotus rises from the cold dark mud, it reaches and opens to the glorious sun. May your soul enlighten and each petal be brightened in this journey back home.

"Jai Śrī Viṣnu! Preserve and protect, 
Jai Śrī Lakṣmī! Wealth, love and beauty, 
Churning the ocean with Vasuki, 
Asuras and sages pull destiny,  
Venomous poison, Neelakanta,  
Beheaded by Vishnu, now Rahu Ketu, 
Laksmi and amrut rise from the sea,
Dhanvantari's healing and magical tree, 
Awaken shakti, health and glee,
Joyously living deep within me." 

~ by Kalavati Devi / Katyani Dasi / Christie Smirl 

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