Saccidānanda – A Study of Pure Consciousness

"You are the auspicious One existing everywhere at all times. Why are you running hither and thither deluded, like an unclean spirit? Union and separation exist in regard neither to you nor to me. There is no you, no me, nor is there this universe. All is verily the Self alone. You do not belong to that which is composed of the five objects of sense, such as sound; nor does that belong to you. You indeed are the supreme Reality. Why then do you suffer?" ~ The Avadhoota Gita

The Chandogya Upanishad beautifully describes the city of ultimate reality as a secret dwelling place in the lotus of the heart. This secret cave inside the heart, Brahma, God, the supreme Self is devoid of anger, sadness, anxiety, separation or fear. Saccidānanda or Sat-Chit- Ānanda is true consciousness bliss. Sat is truth reality. Chit is consciousness. Ānanada is bliss. The pure blissful Self in the heart shines both inside and outside of us in the form of absolute nondual love. This cave of the numinous is a space to be longed for and realized.

The attainment of this joyous state of existence requires deconditioning and focus. The outer world is full of strive, ego-driven fantasies and self made barriers that drown out and obscure the radiations of Divinity. Through purification, the inner light Sat-Chit- Ānanda is revealed. Relinquish mental mutations, withdraw the senses from outer chaos. Abandon all fetters that imprison one’s mind to suffering and separation. Retreat silently into the Hridaya, the seat of the Soul deep in the chest. Dig down deep in ecstatic search for the ultimate love, peace, bliss and truth – Sat-Chit- Ānanda. Focus upon the Holiness within your every cell. Call out the names our Lord, worship and praise till the light of God bursts from your heart like rays of the sun. The Lord is the silent witness, best friend and beloved. Awaken this awareness and sip the nectar of the of the stainless Self.

"The concept of duality can never be applied to Bhakti, the eternal relationship between the soul and God. The individual soul and God are never separated  because God is omnipresent. The suffering experienced in one's mind is always connected to karma, a pattern self created in delusion. In utter reality there is no suffering inside of us. Beyond confusion the eternal nature of the Self shines brightly. You are eternally blissful and free from ignorance. A diamond remains ever pure regardless of how much dust that covers it."  ~Totagopidas Surya Ram

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