Unlocking Higher Life Potentials – Newest Episode of Dharma Warrior TV

It was an honor to be featured on Dharma Warrior TV today and to discuss my recent article “Unlocking Higher Life Potentials”.

Experts from “Chakra Alignment: A transformational guide and journal to reclaim control over your chakras and life”

By Christie Smirl, Kalavati Devi, AyuD, MS, NP, ERYT-500, Reiki Master

Higher levels of health and wellness can be unlocked and obtained when we realize that we are much more than just a brain and biochemical physical body. For thousands of years, ancient scholars and physicians from civilizations across the globe have known about the subtle energy systems and their integral importance to our existence and health. The functionality, vibrational frequency and health status of these energy centers, determines the quality and quantity of available life force and vitality. The vibrancy of the subtle energy system and each chakra is largely determined by underlying physical and mental health. Everything is interconnected. Every substance consumed creates its’ own vibration that interacts with the gross and subtle body. Every thought, situation and environment generates a vibrational ripple that can be temporary or long lasting.

Purification and alignment of the chakras can be achieved once a person learns how the physical body, emotions and subtle anatomy interact. Selecting new patterns, activities, thoughts and emotions can create incredible, long term multidimensional transformation in one’s personal life, relationships, professional life, spirituality, future generations and beyond. Change starts with us. As we heal ourselves, we can help heal others and begin healing the world. Every living organism has a vibrational field. Mass is determined by molecular frequencies. Every cell generates tens of thousands of biochemical and light wave reactions per second. Each cellular organelle, body system, organism and human has a complex operating system with optimal energy thresholds. E = mc² is the famous equation from Albert Einstein that reminds us that energy equals matter times the speed of light. These quantum physics applied to the human chakra system can activate and harmonize higher potentials.

Chakras are multidimensional, wheels, vortices, energy centers with vibrational patterns that influence the physical body, mental processes and spiritual vitality. Chakras vibrate and send information outward. Sensory and extra-sensory information is also received and processed through the chakras. This information flows to and from other humans, social groups, animals, the plant kingdom and spiritual realms. The streaming data is never ending and can be consciously manipulated for personal and collective evolution.

Each chakra is unique and radiates at its own optimal frequency to support the vitality of specific body regions, organ systems, nerve plexuses, marmas and endocrine glands. The seven primary chakras extend vertically through the body, starting with the root chakra at the base of the spine; extending to the sahasara at the crown of the head. The functioning of chakras can become restricted or abnormal due to lifestyle, trauma, illness, nutrition, stress, toxins, emotions, outside influences, electromagnetic fields, beliefs and conditioned patterns. All the chakras interact and support each other when healthy. Together, they create the aura and subtle bodies.

The vibrational patterns of chakras are not visible to the naked eye, but these nonverbal communication signals are still detectable by humans, animals and the disincarnate world. With practice, these frequencies can be modified to change the way an individual interacts with others on a conscious and subconscious level. The first step is to become intimately familiar with ones’ own patterns in order to create alignment and mastery. Thoughts and emotions are nothing more than vibrational cognitive processes and reactions. They are like waves in the ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes stormy. Thoughts can be amplified or subdued through awareness and choice. Understand that each thought is a vibration, and those vibrations affect digestion, the nervous system, the circulatory system, musculoskeletal system, hormones and overall health. Each person has the power to alter their thoughts and overall vitality to attain liberation from suffering.

To learn more about chakras and how your can reclaim control over your chakras and life transformation, visit the Healthier Vibrations Learning Center. Christie Smirl offers free classes, short courses and teacher training programs that are self paced online with private mentorship. Christie Smirl believes that every person is capable of establishing a healthier alignment between mind, body and soul. With 30 years of medical and healing experience in Western science and the Eastern sciences, Christie Smirl teaches multidiscipline integrated methods that empower maximum health, conscious transformation and self-actualization. As a Doctorate of Ayurveda, Nurse Practitioner, Master of Science and Advance Yoga Teacher Trainer, she offers year round university, corporate, public and personal counseling and education in Ayurveda and yoga. Know also as Kalavati Devi or Kali Samadhi, Christie has recorded five international albums and authored five books as part of her mission. Connect and access the Healthier Vibrations public education library at HealthierVibrations.com.

Purchase Chakra Realignment workbook on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Christie-Smirl/e/B08NTNQX5P/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1

Stay tuned for more!

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