Mr. Mark Stavish – Egregores

It was a great honor and pleasure to have Mr. Mark Stavish talk on Healthier Vibrations about Egregores, Purification and Self Realization. In this discussion, Mr. Mark Stavish offers a practical introduction to recognizing and managing egregores. He discusses what is an egregore and why is it so important to recognize these powerful entities that shape our lives. Mr. Stavish also introduces listeners to concepts related to ritual purification, how to overcome ones shortcomings to reach and awaken into one’s fullest potential and powers. 

You can learn more through Mr. Mark Stavish by visiting the Hermetic Institute as well as accessing his classes and presentations on Teachable and other links below.

Mr. Mark Stavis is the director of the Institute for Hermetic Studies and life-long student of esotericism. He has over 35 years experience in comparative religion, philosophy, psychology, and mysticism with emphasis on Traditional Western Esotericism. Mr. Stavish has published over 30 books and is one of the leading authorities in Hermeticism today. He has served as the Director of Research for the Occult Research and Applications Project, of the Philosophers of Nature founded by Jean Dubuis in France.For 20 years Mr. Stavish has been a leading resource for practical information on mineral and plant alchemy, as well as qabala. He is a graduate of King’s College, in Theology (B.A.), and Communications (B.A.), and obtained his Master’s degree in Counseling emphasizing psycho-spiritual modalities and Psychosynthesis from Rhode Island College. Mr. Mark Stavish has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM, Just Energy Radio and the Animal Planet/History Channel, just to mention a few and he has been a consultant for documentaries and literature regarding with spirituality.

Listen to the audio version on Anchor FM:–Mark-Stavish-on-Egregores-and-Purification-for-Self-Realization-on-Healthier-Vibrations-es0u02

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