Savory Quinoa and Green Beans

Having an Instapot pressure cooker saves so much time. Today I made a meal that was savory, sour, bitter, pungent, sweet and spicy. The science of Ayurveda understands that it is important to partake in all the different flavors and this recipe knocked them all out of the ball park. This meal was filling, bursting with flavor, agni stimulating and kapha reducing.

Here’s to scoop. Add all of the following ingredients into the Instapot.

1/4 cup quinoa

2 cups green beans

1 tblspn sesame seeds

1 cup water

1 tspn fennel seeds

1 tspn cumin seeds

1/2 tspn mustard seeds

1/4 tspn fresh cracked pepper

1 tspn savory turmeric blend

3 whole cloves marinated garlic

1 tablespoon ginger paste

Set the Instapot to pressure cook for 2 minutes. That’s right just 2 minutes. Do a quick steam release at the end. Makes one serving.

Serve on a small bed of radicchio or greens. Top with a splash of lemon and Bragg’s amino acids or ponzu sauce. Garnish with sweet beet croute, mixed spicy pickled veggies and parsley.

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