Chakra Alignment – New book published!

The newest Healthier Vibrations book has been published! Chakra Alignment – A transformational guide and journal to reclaim control over your chakras and life is now available on Amazon. This 85 page book is designed to systematically guide individuals through their chakras, emotions and health. Learn about the dynamics between lifestyle, mind, subtle body chakras, nadis, prana, vitality and self actualization. Then embark the process of self study, journaling, intention setting, yogic techniques, subtle therapies and customized meditation rituals. Each chakra is presented according to its unique associations, physical and emotional manifestations, potential dysfunctions, symptoms of imbalance, symbology and adjunct therapies. Learn about and incorporate the following for each chakra:

❖ Sanskrit Name and Meaning
❖ Peek Developmental Age
❖ Related Body Structures, Correlating Glands, Tissue and Sense Organ
❖ Related Emotional Patterns and Shadow Emotions
❖ Color therapy
❖ Yantra
❖ Number Associations
❖ Associated Element, Animal, Kingdom
❖ Divinities
❖ Kabbala sephiroth and Christian Sacrament
❖ Music and Sound Therapy
❖ Seed Mantra
❖ Sanskrit Alphabet
❖ Aromatherapy and Gemstone Therapies
❖ Yoga poses, Mudras, Bandhas
❖ Affirmations
❖ Therapeutic Activities
❖ Self Reflection Questions and Journal pages
❖ Chakra Meditation Rituals

Here’s a sneak peak!

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