Kali Samadhi MMXX – Book and Ritual Album

I am very excited to announce the completion of the book and ritual album titled Kali Samadhi MMXX. Both are now available!

“The Goddess leaps forth from these black and red inked pages of Kali Samadhi MMXX.  Kalavati Devi has opened gateways and channeled powerful images and transmissions from deep meditational trance states. Each enigmatic illustration, poem and prose emerged from an altered state of consciousness in the cave of the Mother. The trance messages are encoded, revealing, fierce, provoking, and erotic. Many of the sacred mantras used to manifest this divine grimoire have been included. Each serve as a vibrational tool to connect with disincarnate intelligences which unlock alchemical evolution. “

Kali Samadhi MMXX limited edition hand bound books are now available to order on Healthier Vibrations, just follow this link.

In 2020, MMXX, Christie Smirl (Kalavati Devi, Katyani Dasi)  underwent a deep transformation with the use of ritual mantras and esoteric alchemy. This album and the book Kali Samadhi MMXX  contain transmissions, mantras and ancient rituals. Each mantra on the album invokes or evokes divinity and intelligence from beyond the veil. Kali dances in the smashan as Siva sounds his conch. The peacocks watch Krisna and Kali sway in the garden of bliss. 

The album is currently available on band camp /https://kalisamadhi.bandcamp.com/ and will be available as a CD and on over 100 digital formats.

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