Love Without Discrimination

” Forgive everyone who has caused you pain. Forget everything. Love everybody in the same way; whether a person is big, small or no longer there. Give the same love to everyone. Do not discriminate with your love. The moment you do that, it creates hurdles you must cross and broken bridges that are difficult to walk. Clear the broken pieces and see everything on an equal plane. You will recognize the power from that point. This world has given you pain, pain that you may not even express. When you are feeling that pain, how will you reflect back love? To get that love and reflect back love, you have to do meditation to be filled with the energy of love. Then you will be able to reflect it back to others. That all comes from meditation, where the love for the Supreme will be born and generated.” ~Her Holiness 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Adishakti Satigiri Ji Maharaj  August 2020

This meditation was the practice of yoga nidra, to develop dharana, concentration, steady breath coordinated with sankalpa. 

The 2020 Ayurvedic Yoga Awakening Program and Teacher Training Programs are now concluded. Moving deeper into my own personal sabbatical, Wednesday meditations and satsang will be placed on hold till the new year. Meditation is 5% teaching, the rest is PRACTICE. I have complied over 40 videos on theory, breath and yoga. There are a dozen guided meditations that you can practice along with on the Healthier Vibrations YouTube station PLAYLIST HERE.   I will be offering new programs in 2021 for personal growth, meditation teacher certification, yoga teacher training and more. Stay connected by subscribing to my newsletter or blog. 

If you are interested in learning more about the teachings of my Guru Maa, Her Holiness 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Adishakti Satigiri Ji Maharaj ,  and Param Divya Shakti Sant Mat practiced, please contact me via 

“Love leads to truth; perfect love to perfect truth.
Truth is like the moon reflected in the water;
When the water is stirred up and muddy, the image is blurred and indistinct;
So it is with human beings when our spirit is clouded.
Let your love be a pure compassion for one another, without seeking its own glory;
Let it be true in your own hearts.
Let your spirits guide you to what is right and true and just.
This is the way love leads us.” ~ The Lost Sutras of Jesus


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