To Love the One

“We all are one. We should just focus ourselves on being one, rather than being apart from others. Try to see everyone as the One itself. Your first step towards spirituality is seeing One inside yourself, and that One inside you, is the One inside everyone else. Take care of your own self, and take care of everything around you and everything connected to you. When you love yourself in a way that you love the One, you love the One that is inside everyone. So it’s not just that you are loving yourself, you are loving that One. The first step on the path should be to love yourself from within. The power of love is so pure and strong, that when you admire even a stone or a tree and have love for it, it will start to reflect that love back to you. All forms of love – love for our parents, love for our life partner, love for our children, love for anyone in any form, love from the One – whatever love we see, it is because of that One love that is within everyone. That One love is the spirituality that runs through you and through everyone. Feel that love. Cherish that moment. Cherish that love for yourself.”   ~Her Holiness 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Adishakti Satigiri Ji Maharaj  August 2020

For this meditation practice we focused on clearing way the disturbances that prevent us from radiating Love from within, the Love for the One.


Feel free to join every Wednesday morning 7-8am pacific time for a free community Meditation & Satsang.  If you have a specific question or topic you would like explored, please message me and I will integrate that as appropriate. Access class three different ways. No registration or experience required.

  1. ​​​Zoom live stream
  2. Healthier Vibrations Ayurvedic Yoga Awakening FB group live or saved recording
  3. YouTube class recordings. Subscribe if you want automatic notifications of new postings.

Art by E.Smirl

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