Ceasefire into Ananda

In the day and age of modernity, peace is a priceless commodity.  Peace can not be bought, sold or traded. It is a state of being, a presence that can only be established inside oneself, then radiated outward. When searching for the elixir of peace there are several synonyms such as calm, restful, silent, bliss, ease, serenity.  Peace is also defined as cessation of war, ceasefire, respite, moratorium or amity.

” The words “peace, calm, quiet, silence” have each their own shade of meaning, but it is not easy to define them… Quiet is a condition in which there is no restlessness or disturbance. Calm is a still unmoved condition which no disturbance can affect – it is a less negative condition than quiet.  Peace is a still more positive condition; it carries with it a sense of settled and harmonious rest and deliverance. Silence is a state in which either there is no movement of the mind or vital…” Sri Aurobindo

To develop peace one can attempt a mental ceasefire, respite, tranquility, a quiet mind undisturbed by thinking about thoughts, merged into a vast impersonal silence. Sri Aurobindo goes on the differentiate that peace is more than quietness, the absence of disturbance or the calm unmovable condition. “Peace is always something positive bringing not merely a release… but a certain happiness or Ananda of itself.”

Feel free to join every Wednesday morning 7-8am pacific time for a free community Meditation & Satsang.  If you have a specific question or topic you would like explored, please message me and I will integrate that as appropriate. Access class three different ways. No registration or experience required.

  1. ​​​Zoom live stream https://zoom.us/j/97446995225
  2. Healthier Vibrations Ayurvedic Yoga Awakening FB group live or saved recording
  3. YouTube class recordings. Subscribe if you want automatic notifications of new postings.


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