Free The Mind From Slavery

To reach mental perfection, concentration is required to free the mind of all disturbances, habitual mechanical activities and worldly happenings.

“…the emptying of all thought out of the mind so as to leave it a sort of pure vigilant blank on which the divine knowledge may come and imprint itself, undisturbed by inferior thoughts of the ordinary human mind and with the clearness of a writing in white chalk on a blackboard. You will find that the Gita speaks of this rejection of all mental thought as one of the methods of yoga… This may be called the dhyāna of liberation, as it frees the mind from slavery to the mechanical process of thinking and allows it to think or not to think, as it pleases and when it pleases, or to choose its own thoughts or else to go beyond thought to the pure perception of Truth called in our philosophy Vijnāna.” Sri Aurobindo

Today we examined a passage from Sri Aurobindo The Integral Yoga and contemplated how to prepare and cultivate skills that help one reach deeper states of meditation.

Feel free to join us via every Wednesday morning 7-8am pacific time for a free community Meditation & Satsang.  If you have a specific question or topic you would like explored, please message me and I will integrate that as appropriate. Access class three different ways. No registration or experience required.

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  1. Is Moon says:

    Free the mind. Love it. Thanks.

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