Light of Auṃ ॐ

“OM (AUM) will shelter you like an umbrella. If you chant the sacred syllable OM (AUM), your mind naturally returns to a peaceful state of stillness, which eventually becomes emptiness. The light of the soul shines within everyone, and the Divine Light pulls that light to Itself. If you can discover that pure illumination and power within yourself… the purpose of your life has been fulfilled.” Sri Sri Adishakti Maa, Petals of Wisdom: Yoga for a Successful Life 

In this satsang we practiced and explored the healing properties of AUM. The Mandukya Upanishad describes AUM as a representation the supreme Reality and the four states of consciousness. The first state of consciousness is when awareness is focused on the external world with senses aimed outward. The second state of consciousness is the dream state with senses turned inward where impressions, deeds and desires are enacted. The third state is deep sleep, free of desires, centered in the heart and bliss. The fourth state is super consciousness, focused neither inward or outward, beyond senses and beyond intellect.  This is where the Lord, infinite peace and love are realized. This supreme goal of life is AUM, the heart and light of your soul. 

Here is the link to the AUM song from the Kali Samadhi album I mentioned in the video. You can also find it on Bandcamp, Itunes, I heart radio, Insight Timer. All the links are on my website on the bottom of the connect page. 

Please feel invited to join me each Wednesday morning 7am-8am (PST) for Meditation and Satsang via zoom or watch later on YouTube . No registration or experience required. 


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