Shiny Objects – Tejobindu Upanishad

“Let us meditate on the shining Self, changeless, underlying the world of change, and realized in the heart in samadhi. Hard to reach is the supreme goal of life, hard to describe and hard to abide in. They alone attain samadhi who have mastered their senses and are free from anger, free from self will and from likes and dislikes, without selfish bonds to people and things. “  – Tejobindu Upanishad

In the world of modernity, many people live a fast paced life, full of shiny objects. Objects of desire and dislike that lure our senses away from spiritual practices and Self actualization. For today’s satsang and meditation, I read from the Tejobindu Upanishad which discusses the stages of meditation that lead us to the Lord of Love. I discussed the  shat kriya called trataka where we gaze upon a flame to purify our sight and begin the first stage of meditation. Concentration, known as dharana, is the preliminary practice. With time and uninterrupted effort, it will lead  samadhi, where one experiences the union, stillness and bliss of the Soul.

“The world is full of shiny objects that beckon our sense organs deep into the veils and waves of chatter and sway, farther we stray from the Soul’s light rays.” Kalavati Devi

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