Indriyas Burning Clear – Meditation & Satsang

Indra’s vajra strikes the seat of Soul,
Stilling vrittis that clutter Self control,
Igniting all the indriyas, satloka atmosphere,
Agni rises in the East casting Soul to steer,
Darkness falls from windows sills
Fueling Love’s bright flame,
Five for wisdom, five for deed
One in central plane,
Breathe the nectar, ojas sweet
Smell, taste, hear, see, feel the heat
Expel mala, tools hands and feet
Arising passions, dharma speaks
Sacred Self Soul shining sweet
Fanning flames at Gurus feet.
Kalāvatī Devī

Enjoy this meditation and satsang from June 24th, 2020.  May you all find your deepest gift and dharma in this lifetime. Purify your heart’s flame, perceptions and deeds. Still the ripples that cloud your mind. Set an intention, “I am…..” and radiate it out with clarity and passion, here and now.




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