Transcendence – Atma Upanishad

“Soul releases prakruti
Prana dances back to smriti
When’s our time, we never know
Till light it shines a brilliant show
Transcending flight into beauty
Creating space for new found duty
Fix the mind on God, each day, each breath
Find the space of God, each step, each death
See the face of God, each smile, each frown
Be the light of God, each life, each crown.”


Kalāvatī Devī

This week’s satsang was from the Atma Upanishad, a beautiful passage from the mystical ancient Sanskrit writings. The meditation focused on awareness of the inner witness and Supreme being within and beyond.

Join me every Wednesday morning 7-8am pacific time for a free community Meditation & Satsang. Access through the zoom
live stream – just copy and paste the link into your url ▶️ or through Healthier Vibrations Ayurvedic Yoga Awakening FB group where it will stream live and be accessible later. No registration or experience required.

With Love,

Kalāvatī Devī / Christie Smirl

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