Faith in Upheaval – Call for Change

“If you fight, you will either be slain on the battlefield and go to the celestial abodes, or you will gain victory and enjoy the kingdom on earth. Therefore arise with determination, O son of Kunti, and be prepared to fight. Fight for the sake of duty, treating alike happiness and distress, loss and gain, victory and defeat. Fulfilling your responsibility in this way, you will never incur sin. ” Bhagavad Gita 2.36-2:37

Change and growth are achieved through effort, effort to shift inner and outer forces.  During upheaval we each have a unique opportunity for action or nonaction, right action and wrong action. How can we mitigate the process?   

Each of us are unique emanations of divinity. We all wield a power, skill and force specifically suited to our individual physical and psychological constitutions.  Each of us have a unique dharma, a personalized role is this cosmic play. In 2020 we have already experienced the social, financial and psychological effects of “COVID”. Discrimination and prejudice injustices have risen to the top of social awareness, igniting a fire in hearts and minds across the globe.

There is no surprise that many people are furious, anxious, depressed, helpless, suicidal, homicidal, confused, paralyzed in fear, exhausted, overwhelmed or withdrawn. What can be done right now.

Kindle Your Faith. Many people have lost faith; faith in the government and social systems; faith in humanity; faith in their own power to create a more harmonious place to live. Yogic psychology encourages us to reach for the source of our faith. Faith creates inspiration and empowerment. Spiritual beliefs can be enriched through scriptures, meditation, music, inspiring works of literature, nature and the power of love and connection. Call out to the source of your divinity, ancestors, angels, sages or saints. Fan the flames of faith in your heart; belief in the changes you want to see.  

CENTER YOURSELF.  What emotions are driving you? How are you being influenced? Acknowledge your feelings at this moment. Disengage your senses from outer world and dialogues for few moments each day. Stabilize vibrations of distress. Go inward to find your center and BREATHE.  Put your own oxygen mask on first.  Focus on your dharma and personal role in this cosmic dance.

BE OF SERIVCE. Seva is the concept of being of service with no lust for repayment or results. Offering a heart centered seva has the power to shift hopelessness and helplessness into strength and contentment. There are so many ways to be of assistance. Each of us have our own divine skills and special secret sauce. What personalized tool are you equipped with? Remember that the Giant Goliath was taken down by just one pebble. Start with your family. How are they doing? How are your friends? How are your neighbors? Are there community services that you want to be involved in? There are so many ways big and small to be helpful in times of upheaval.  Some can donate money; others donate time, skills or supplies. Other forms of seva are feeding the homeless, helping at shelters and offering a helpful hand.

On the battlefield there are thousands of roles, seen and unseen,  sung and unsung that create a united force. Act upon the changes you are capable of making towards a world you want to see. Align, refocus, remain centered and strong in faith.

Currently I am becoming more involved in my local community.  2020 is an incredibly important year for our country, state and local community. There’s a lot at stake and a lot we can do. A common theme that I hear is “My vote and involvement in politics makes no difference.” and “The system is broken.” People at the city level fail to get elected sometime by only 8 votes, just 8 people could have made a difference in who helps develop health and safety policies at your city and county level.  If you want to explore ways to become involved in this process,  I’m inviting you to join me at my virtual house party on  June 12, 2020 at 5pm PST.  We will share our thoughts about the 2020 elections and some of the ways we can make changes in our community.  We’ll be meeting virtually using zoom so we can all see and hear each other from our own locations. You’ll need to register in advance at this link:–dcKm045tW-

After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with “Christie’s Virtual House Meeting” in the subject line.  The confirmation email will contain a link to join the meeting at 5pm on June 12.  Be sure to save the confirmation email in a place where you’ll be able to find it so that you will have the link to join the meeting.  If you lose the confirmation email, try searching your inbox for the title of the meeting, “Christie’s Virtual House Meeting”. It will be a great chance to talk together about our shared priorities and what we can do to make a difference in these challenging times.

I have faith that we all have our own unique contribution to this world and can find a way to make life sacred for ourselves and others.  Stay connected through my email news letter by going to and enter your email at the top of the page or register on the log in tab.


Christie Smirl
Kalavati Devi




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