Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation and Soul Cultivation

2020 has been unprecedented to say the least. This time of adaptation offers a significant opportunity to cultivate and nurture our souls, while facilitating awakenings. It is equally important to stay centered and stabilize the mind and nervous system. By being fully present and grounded we can recalibrate and direct our intentions, shape the course of history. This is a time to take wise actions and mitigate confusion, fear, suffering and chaos. Let us create and embody healing, love and divinity.

We will be experiencing a lunar eclipse June 5th, 2020 between 10:00am and 2:00pm, in the United States, pacific time. This particular eclipse is met by a strong influence from Mars which can be very empowering, but also incite violence.

Traditionally, eclipses are seen as inauspicious, but they are also a powerful window for soul cultivation. When the Earth is directly between the Sun and Moon, there is a blockage of the Moons’ light which is actually a reflection of the light of the Sun. Not only are solar emanations essential for life, but the Sun also represents the Soul. Radiations from the Sun and Moon directly effect our thoughts and emotions. Planets are referred to as grahas because they have the ability to seize ahold of and greatly influence us.
During an eclipse it is suggested to refrain from most outer world activities and stay home if possible. Starting new projects are best to place on hold till after the eclipse. It is wise to steer clear of risky conversations, interactions, activities or procedures.

During an eclipse it is highly recommended to spend time doing meditation, spiritual practices, mantra and devotional work. Any soul cultivating practices done during an eclipse have an much stronger effect than normally. So take advantage of the window of opportunity.
I hosted a meditation and have included it here for you to participate in. You may want to wear headphones for a better experience as well. 


Take care of each other, nourish each other as embodiments of the divine. Let your hearts shine forth love and illuminating light.

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