Energy 911 Course Invitation

I am so delighted to announce that Energy 911 will be offered early this year. As part of Healthier Vibration’s Ayurvedic Yoga Awakening program, this is an indispensable class offered as part of teacher training.  This class was originally scheduled for October, 2020, but with so many people being home and adapted to online interaction, I want to extend this invitation to attend April 11th, 2020 live on zoom 9:00am – 5:00pm PST.
To join:
1. Copy and paste this zoom meeting link into your url or join on your phone. Please ensure that you have established a zoom profile before hand.
2. Your microphones will be muted automatically. I ask that everybody keep their cameras on at all times or you may be removed from the live stream.
During this class students learn
  • Methods to stabilize and strengthen their auric field.
  • Participants learn techniques that help cleanse and shield sources of energetic drainage and strain.
  • Learn how to energetically balance, clear and protect your environment.
  • Extra attention will be spent on spiritual practices adapted to your own lineage.
  • There are no pre-requisites.
During this energetic adapation period, I am inviting anybody to attend. Feel free to share invite your friends and family who may benefit.
Dr. Christie Smirl, Kalavati Devi

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