Aligning with Bliss Vibration

“Our thoughts can reach far into the cosmos aligning our vibrations with the intelligence of bliss. Through the technology of mantras we draw upon and synchronize with  transmissions from deep in the cosmic consciousness. The practice of mantra aids in the development mental concentration and constructs for the awakening evolved psychic and physical states of being.”  – Kalavati Devi

Sacchārānanda parapūrnam

Shivo’ham Shivo’ham


Shivo’ham Shivo’ham






It has been such a blissful healing journey singing mantras from California to with banks of the Mother Ganga with my dear friend and college Kathy Bolte in our joint vision called Ākāsavāni. Kathy has always delicately illustrated the beautiful mantra translations, correct Sanskrit pronunciation, meter and tone, introducing me to new connections to healing and bliss.  Time and time again, I bursted into tears as she unfolded the unseen mystique of these mantras, returning us to a deep cosmic union.

An interview with Kathy BolteChanting and aligning with the bliss vibration of Sacchārānanda mantra

K with tanpura

I first heard this mantra when I was in a Tantric Yoga workshop with the esteemed Sanskrit scholar, Christopher Wallis. At the close of the workshop, he taught us the pronunciation and meaning of the mantra and then we chanted it together. I was so charmed by this mantra that I went right home to teach myself how to play it on the harmonium and, of course, to sing it.

This mantra reminds us of what our true nature is. Underneath all the mind chatter, underneath all the emotional highs and lows that are attached to the mind chatter, we are pure consciousness. We are eternal bliss. 

Sacchārānanda translates to “the bliss of a way of being that is in alignment with one’s true nature.”

I feel blissful when I’m residing in the moment, without expectation about what is ahead of me or regret about what I have left behind. I feel blissful when I am being attentive to my spiritual practices which keep me in alignment with my true nature.

Parapūrnam is a word for “the most supreme, which is whole & perfect.”

Shivo’ham translates to “I am pure consciousness.”

Nityānanda svarūpa this phrase says that “eternal bliss is my true nature.”

Ānando’ham translates to “I am bliss.”     

Soham means “I am that”.

When we chant this simple mantra we are listening to the music within that acknowledges that “I am blissful when I am in alignment with my true nature which is pure consciousness and eternal bliss. Yes, I am that.”

This last phrase, Soham, was not taught to me as part of this mantra. But it seemed so perfect to declare “I am that” at the end of this beautiful mantra. As we sing this, there is no denying that we feel the truth of this mantra in the very core of our being. “I am pure, eternal bliss consciousness. Yes, I am that.”  

Sanskrit is not just an ancient language, it is a technology of consciousness. The sound vibration of the mantra is the form of the mantra. So when we’re chanting about our beingness of eternal bliss, we are becoming that eternal bliss. Proper pronunciation of Sanskrit, in itself, is a spiritual practice that keeps us in alignment with “the truth of our being.” 

Kathy is a Yogāsana (physical yoga) & Nāda Yoga (yoga of sound) Teacher, Kīrtan Musician, and Facilitator of Wisdom Circles. She teaches Yoga, Sanskrit, Mantra Japa, Mantra Meditation, Meditative Toning, and other sound based practices. She is Co-Dean of Camp de Benneville Pines Annual Yoga Camp in the mountains of Southern California, and leads annual spiritual and healing retreats to India.

Kathy leads wisdom circles, teaches yoga, and makes music in yoga studios, yoga festivals and ashrams in the U.S. and in India. Her music & meditation albums, “Wakefulness”, “Śāntipāth The Road to Peace”, “Ākāsavāni – Sounds from the Heavens” are available on iTunes, Amazon Music, CD Baby, Spotify, iHeart Radio and all other digital formats.


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