Walking in the Secret Garden – Interviewing Christie Smirl

It was an honor to be interviewed by Nera Luce on my experiences and relationship with spirit intelligences.

“Christie Smirl, avatara and living incarnation of one of the many radiant manifestations of the Goddess Kali. I met her in a moment of my stormy existence, a moment with a lacerating intensity, between the folds of the “case” that is never a “case”. Important returns to the surface of the visible led me to her, and I was immediately fascinated.

I, immediately, recognized the mark of the avatara, since my whole existence had been dotted by many physical encounters with these “embodied natures”. I love to meet again, on earth, my Family, because each new encounter reintroduces the powerful and subtle connections between US into a new cosmic balance, and I have always known how to recognize that whose provenance exudes an antiquity without a verb. I love to know how the process of evolution of the disembodied consciousness, in the case of the avatara, blends with the worldly conditioning, and with the evolution of the physiological apparatus. The avatars have been one of the centers of my reflection from when i was very young and all of them have some elements in common, which are the “mark” of animic antiquity and the consequence of reminescence flowing from cosmic conscience. The fact of wanting to dwell in particular on the relationship that Christie Smirl had with the spirits, responds to my idea of “authentic reality”. I believe that for those who were born as avatara the assignment of the depth of meaning, unlike what happens in “human” natures, responds and should respond to other “laws”(the same low that that govern the worlds from which these consciousnesses are promanate) , because other is the nature in being incarnated. Respecting these laws even within the material dimension is fundamental to sustain and nourish the essence that animates the incarnation. In other words, n my perspective,  the only way for an avatara to be on earth is to develop, nourish, recognize his nature, develop and transform his consciousness in the direction of the non-human. All avatars were contacted, at a very young age, by spirits, and in a completely natural way. This is because spirits are attracted by the powerful radiation that that non-human consciousness can-desk. It was therefore important for me to focus the questions in this interview on the “metaphysical” di-mension of the relationship with the spirits in order to highlight the most significant dimension of Christie Smirl’s existence.”

~ Nera Luce



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