Inaugural Shri Maa Yoga Collaboration

I am honored to announce my collaboration with my guru, her Holiness 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Adishakti Satigiri Ji Maharaj , affectionately called Maa, to launch the 2020 inaugural Shri Maa Yoga teacher training program.

“Maa is encouraging her initiates to unite, collaborate and become strong together. Dr. Christie Smirl is actively supporting Maa’s vision to bring Shri Maa Yoga teachers into the community and is offering to share her knowledge in Ayurveda and Yoga with those who have decided to take up this opportunity to be Maa’s hands in the world.”

“Maa welcomes us to discover the path of the mystics, called Sant Mat; to connect our soul with the “Divine Light and Sound” mentioned in all mystical poetry and holy scriptures. This spiritual path is free for everybody. We can follow our religions, faiths and worldly lives, and in addition, receive the spiritual grace of Guru Maa Adishakti to benefit ourselves and the world around us. Maa is considered throughout the world today to be a living example of a God-realized Saint and the rare embodiment of the Divine Mother. Maa is here to help the transition of humanity into a new era of Truth on Earth, known to many as the long-awaited Golden Age.”

As seva to my guru and community, Healthier Vibrations 2020 Ayurvedic Yoga Awakening teacher training program will be  offering scholarships to Maa’s initiates. The 200 hour Shri Maa Yoga certificate program requires you to undertake personal sadhana; and through our mentorship program  you will be guided to conduct your practicum to develop, promote and implement a Shri Maa Yoga community project, produce an online video program and present a mantra research project. Applications will be accepted before January 1st, 2020: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND APPLICATION.

“The Guru-Shishya (Guru-Disciple) relationship is stronger that any family bonds. It is the deep connection between the Atma and Paramatma (soul and oversoul).” Maa

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