Darkening Light

“In a world full of absolute chaos, confusion and pain, there is always light, light of the Self shining through, illuminating the delicately cut glass, radiating the prisms of life experiences soldered together. Once the sun slumbers below the horizon, the temple windows darken, revealing a cold inner landscape of the mind space. The inner sanctuary lamp must shepherded with great reverie to cast light, or the path becomes dim and perilous.

During this dark winter solstice season, reflect upon the inner and outer landscapes transversed during the unfolding and evolution towards Self. Each person has their own unique hidden paths and experiences that guide the mysterious possibilities of life. These experiences create imprints of the conscious and subconscious mind like a kaleidoscope of lights that influence each step thereafter. Many of these unique mental and emotional experiences can be integrated and transmuted by laying them at the feet of The Mother.  Through this processing, the digestion of life events can yield the fuel that propels our evolution. The emotional inner world drives us like wild horses. When the horses are mounted and tamed, magical alchemy can occur, turning suffering into peace. By purifying and converting emotions such as hate, fear, envy and despair into radiant love, healing occurs and catalyzes the inner flame.

Just like mercury, the experiences of life can manifest as a liquid metallic poison or as a medicine with the volatility to plunge deep into the realm of quantum physics. The putrid scent from sulfurs’ blue flamed volcanic brimstone, radioactive isotopes and cosmic rays ignite can ignite an evolutionary shift. Mercury fertilized by sulfurs’ sacred fire, creates a kundalini current that ascends from the root of the spine to the brain, resulting in a cinnabar vermillion rouge that can transmute suffering into the nectar of a vibrant life.

Every person engages in an epic dance with unseen forces. Some forces insidiously control and disrupt harmony between the microcosm and macrocosm. Other forces assist to create balance and healing. Dare to dance in the palace of mirrors that reflect seemingly irrational wisdom from the Mother’s womb to sweeten all severities and neutralize bitterness. Exercise discipline and detach from difficult memories that create looping pain and dis-ease in the body and mind. Allow the celestial chemists to inlay gold to mend human breakages and inflictions, like kintsugi art, rendering the repaired vessel more valuable than before. Do not fall to the treachery of living as a shattered, empty husk, devoid of Self, confined to dark unholy terrain, sitting beneath the lonely howling qliphothic tree. Hold onto resilience, hope and Love.”

Passages from Alchemical Yogini by Kalavati Devi


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