Shakti Manifestation Through Name

“The universe was created by the sound of Om, that which is Sohum, which means that it is like us. We have to meditate on this divine vibration. We can experience the divine power when we become Ekagrata.”  ~ Sri Sri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Adishakti Satigiri Ji Maharaj

Manifestation is created though our thoughts, vibrations and actions. Thoughts are determined by how and where we situate our consciousness.  Take a name for instance. It is common for the human population to align their thoughts in accordance to their identity, birth name,  profession and accumulation of life experiences or things. These are practical but can limit human evolution. To accelerate the purification process towards awakening, samadhi or kaivalya (depending on your approach and lineage), changes continually take place in one’s thought patterns, behaviors, desires and even identification.

Thoughts are often described as vibrations that ripple through your physical body, subtle fields and into other palpable realms. Ayurveda and yoga facilitate a balance between the elements and vibrations of the human vessel, so consciousness can be levied through clear channels.  The body needs to be strong, grounded and balanced as the spiritual vessel fills and overflows with Shakti. If life experiences, desires, aversions and self identifications have not been distilled into a pure conscious aim, deleterious chaos may ensue.

The process of  taking a spiritual name, guru name or divine name can expedite new vibrations in thought and Shakti manifestation. Assumption of a spiritual name can provide a new direction to one’s conscious aim. This year I took the name Kalavati Devi by my guru Adishakti Ma. This name deepens my acceptance and understanding of my infinite self, my soul identification, provide a road map, a key, a focus for my current incarnation.  A spiritual name can challenge one to live to their highest potential, to step forward, evolve even farther, leaving old patterns behind. A spiritual name serves as a vibrational tool, an alchemical catalyst, a nadh (inner sound current).

What do we say to ourselves each day as the sun rises and sets, as our eyes open and close, as consciousness moves from wake to sleep, as thoughts are created and dissolved? An embodied spiritual name can dramatically change how we think and manifest Shakti.

“I am part of the divine Shakti and I live my life that way. Every minute, every second, I stay with that divine power which is Jwala (form of fire), which is Adishakti (primordial power) and which has been here forever. Each one of you have Her inside you; it is only that you need to awaken Her. So my dear children, you have to awaken Shakti within.” “Just like our parents name us to live in this world … the same way our guru gives us a name which has a lot of power and it helps us to attain victory over the universe and ourselves … it is our duty to walk on the spiritual path and bring others also to the light of the spiritual path” ~ Sri Sri 1008 Mahamandaleshwar Adishakti Satigiri Ji Maharaj








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