Season of the Goddess

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Summer has passed, fall equinox at last, the season of Sacred Feminine amassed

The Goddess dances in my mind, stilling, stirring, enchanting, tipping scales

Shakti runs through my limbs pulsing, fevered, slow yet with urgency

She invokes through my mouth as alphabet and song echoing in the night

Her caress dulls my pains and evokes bliss, creating chaos’s invisible kiss

Deep within she implores me to plunge into darkness womb

Her infinite beauty devours my spoils, regenerates my soil

Poignantly forging my vessel fit for Her

She bears lust in the black lit dawn, she runs red in space and time
Oscillating messages whispered on smoke rising high
Swirling, spinning, devouring time, lulling my mind to Her

Faces, shapes and forms I scry, manifest Her to balance time
Soft lullabells call me to Her, above, below, rising, descending, glowing inside.

Kalāvatī Devī

Welcome to the Season of the Goddess. She is celebrated in many forms and fashions across the globe and in the hearts of many. During this season I contemplate on how to honor my own personal Sacred Feminine. What does it mean to embody Her? How does it look and feel? This year She pours through my flesh and pen to be seen and heard. Drawing lines of awareness to her form and sound. I will meet you in the waters flowing at the base of the hills, singing with the bells, heart in hand to heal Self.

Jai Maa!!!

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