Insidious Systems of Control with speaker Craig Williams

The concept of systems of control, and their role in limiting the expansion of human consciousness, is fundamental to the investigations and revelations found within the Golgotha current. There exists distinct control mechanisms in place on both exoteric & esoteric levels of reality with obscure Pathways to self transformation and self-realization. Ahrimanic and Asuric in nature, these systems of control are Insidious, parasitic, and self-perpetuating, existing in a virus like level of awareness. The important work of Rudolf Steiner has extensively explored this concept and its implications, and this influence runs deep within the Golgotha current. What most individuals consider reality is in most cases a tightly-controlled manufactured mirage. These surreptitious systems of control exist in obvious exoteric paradigms such as governments, educational systems, organized religions as well as in consensual constructs of social awareness which are steadily reinforced by the receptive exoteric control paradigms. The systems of control which are initially the most dangerous function on the subtle esoteric level, inhibiting the expansion of human consciousness and clouding the mental atmospheres. These subtle control structures are often hibernating within seemingly harmless systems of spiritual expression, and are activated by an unbalanced egoic state of perception or by an individual who exists in a state of disharmony on a mental and or physical level. It is extremely important for individuals to become aware of such esoteric systems of control, and seek to recognize the signs and symptoms of such mechanisms of manipulations. My previous text, Entering the Desert, contains important information on such issues and the various complications that may arise if such parasitic control mechanisms are not addressed.” ~ excerpt from Cult of Golgotha by Craig Williams

In this discussion, Craig elaborates upon this passage from Cult of Golgotha and explains more about the the following.

  • The difference between exoteric vs esoteric paradigms.
  • Exoteric Systems of control in areas such as Government, educational systems, organized religion and how they play a role in limiting and controlling self-realization.
  • Esoteric paradigms and control structures.
  • Ahrimanic and asuric systems of control and MORE.

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Craig Williams (a.k.a. Indra Ram-Das Aghori) has his Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies focused on Eastern Religions, a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine and is a a licensed acupuncturist. He is a certified East / West Herbalist and a member of the American Herbalist Guild. Highly trained in Ayurveda, yoga, jyotish, vedanta and tantra, Craig has studied with David Frawley and the American Institute of Vedic Studies. He has been awarded the titles of Veda Kovid and Yogacharya. In addition he is certified by the Academy of Traditional Ayurveda. Craig is also a certified health coach,  running coach, holistic and fitness nutritionist. He an acclaimed author of several books with more to come. Craig is also an Ordained Bishop in the Ecclesia Gnostica Nigra. For more information about Craig Williams, visit his website

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