Ayurveda and Gnostic Transformation – with Craig Williams

The process of self transformation is a continual pursuit. Join me to listen to an excellent interview with Craig Williams. In this discussion, Ayurveda and Gnostic Transformation, guest speaker, Craig shares his view on the role of Ayurveda to catalyze Gnostic alchemy for personal and spiritual transformation. Craig also discusses the importance of Ayurveda and Gnosticism to awaken the Sacramental Vision discussed in his acclaimed book Entering The Desert.

The Cell becomes an alchemical furnace via the heat of the inhabitant’s practice, burning away all the traces of terrestrial vitiations and conditionings. It is an incubatory environment for the primordial awakening of the gift of desert gnosis: the Sacrametal Vision. ~Entering The Desert – pg 92

To learn more about Craig Williams and his upcoming projects visit his website, AyurvedaAustin.com and Ayurveda Austin Blog.

You can also listen to the discussion on Healthier Vibrations AchorFM.




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