Ayurvedic Spring Health by Dr Christie Smirl

It is officially Spring! The vernal equinox signals the beginning of spring once the sun crosses the celestial equator from south to north. We will now be enjoying earlier sunrises, later sunset and beautiful blooms. This change in season also triggers a change in the doshas (biological energies) within our bodies. The ancient science of Ayurveda understands that during the winter months, Kapha accumulates in the body. Kapha is a dosha known to be heavy, thick, cool and sticky.  As the weather warms and we become more active, the accumulated Kapha becomes mobilized often manifesting as feeling lethargic, heavy, soggy, foggy, allergic symptoms and head/neck/chest congestion .

Ayurveda recognizes the need to adjust our nutrition and lifestyle in response to the seasonal changes. Here are some simple steps Dr. Christie suggests during the Spring transition.

  • Eat lighter, warmer and fresher foods such as sweet fruits in season, greens in bloom and astringent vegetables. This will help eliminate Kapha aggravated mucous from the srotas (body channels). Watch Dr. Christie’s Curbing Kapha Video to understand what Kapha foods to avoid as Spring arives such as heavy, oily or fried foods, breads, pastas, dairy and sweets. A great Kapha reducing food is arugala and bitter greens. Click HERE for Dr. Christie’s Kapha reducing arugala salad recipe.

  • Cook with warming spices such as pungent black pepper, turmeric, mustard seeds, garlic and ginger help open the srotas (channels) and create seasonal homeostasis.
  • Start participating in more exercise such as hiking, bicycling or Surya Namaskar yoga series daily. Get out in nature, smell the flowers and renew your senses, de-clutter your home, get more fresh air and breath deeper.  Learn how to warm your body, mobilize lymph fluids, purify your respiratory system and clarify your mind channels by performing Kapal Bhati Pranayama (breath technique) in THIS VIDEO by Dr. Christie Smirl.
  • During this season shift it is often recommended to do a gentle detoxification by taking 4 – 6 Triphala a day on an empty stomach with a glass of hot water. Click HERE to learn about the  benefits of Triphala, an ancient Ayurvedic formulation.

For an individualized Spring Renewal or Spring Detox protocol, contact Dr. Christie Smirl to set up a personalized Ayurvedic consultation. This is the time to Spring into health with Ayurveda, follow the seasons, feel better, live better and love more.

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