Eliminate Aluminum – STINK SCRUB by Christie Smirl 

Aluminum is a source of heavy metal toxicity due to commonly used household items. Unlike other trace elements, the human body does not need aluminum. We consume low levels of aluminum in foods, but when we are exposed to repeated higher quantities the body begins to store it. Higher doses of  aluminum builds up in the body after cooking with aluminum foil or pans, consuming antacids, recieving vaccines, drinking canned soda or beer and applying aluminum containing deoderants. When aluminum can not be processed by the body properly so it builds up in the brain, kidneys, liver, lungs and thyroid creating a platform for disease processes. The effects of heavy metal build up in the body associated with aluminum has been well-documented and is shown to cause oxidative stress on the central nervous system leading to conditions such as Parkinson’s disease , Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and bone demineralization. Aluminum in deoderant is also closely linked with the developement of breast cancer.

Here are ways to eliminate aluminum from your daily routine.

Step 1: Do not cook with aluminum foil or pans.

Step 2: Stop consuming products that have aliminum additives. Many antacids contain Aluminum Hydroxide and Magnesium Hydroxide.

Step 3: Stop smearing aluminum in your arm pits in the form of deoderant. It is absorbed transdermally. Get Aluminum free deoderants such as natural crystal rock available online or at stores like Clarks or Sprouts.

Step 4. Do a heavy metal detox.

STINK SCRUB – Many of you know that I am a Pitta and Kapha Ayurvedic dosha constitution. Unfortunately for me that means I have more body odor. I have struggled for years trying every natural deoderant under the sun from essential oils blends, corn starch, lemons, limes, probiotics blends….the list goes on. Many of them “helped”.  Yet still I had stinky armpits many days of the week, finding myself scrubbing my pits mid day to reduce odor. Until now! I have found the perfect combination of organic Ayurvedic herbs and finely ground organic  coffee to use in the shower as a gentle armpit cleanser. I call it STINK SCRUB and I use it to eliminate any body odor. People who have tried it also say that it eliminated their foot and groin odor too.

Now I only use a teaspoon of STINK SCRUB in the shower to cleanse my arm pits in the shower,  then I apply natural mineral crystal (a common natural deoderant) afterwards and it’s rare I ever have body odor now.  I found that STINK SCRUB also makes an excellent gentle body exfoliant. 

Available at The Healing Home for $5/bag. Email Christie at csmirl1@gmail.com to order STINK SCRUB .

For more health visit HealthierVibrations.com 


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